Madrid fiasco changes plans

The surprise was consummated: the champion of four of the last five titles will not play the Endesa League semifinals for the first time in 12 years.

The surprise was consummated: Real Madrid, winner of four of the last five titles, will not play the Endesa League semifinals on Sunday for the first time in 12 years. He did not succumb in his final match against Zaragoza, which he already eliminated, but in his two previous defeats, as unexpected as they were fair, against San Pablo Burgos and MoraBanc Andorra, in the latter case with a good shaking. The fiasco requires an internal analysis. Nor was Madrid so sublime when they linked 12 consecutive victories before the March break and when they were crowned in the Super Cup and in the Copa del Rey, nor is it so packaged now when they have been left out of the four best in the ACB. It is the same team. Pablo Laso is still a brilliant technician, who has driven the ship to a height unmatched in the house. And the players who make up their squad have dominated Spain and Europe. What happens then? Perhaps the years, which are not in vain. Or perhaps the deficiencies in the perimeter. Or perhaps the enormous dependence on certain players, call them Campazzo or Tavares. Maybe ...

The atypical model chosen to resolve the title after confinement should not serve as an excuse, nor should prior physical preparation, because both cases have been the same for everyone. It is true that this final phase does not faithfully reflect the development of a league and will always have an asterisk in the list of winners, which will be less if the next 30th Barça prevails, who was already a leader before reaching the Valencia bubble. But Madrid is used to playing tournaments where a defeat sends you directly home, and here he even had a second life after losing to Burgos that he did not know how to take advantage of. Those of Laso have not fallen due to a bad match, but due to a bad first phase. Is different. And that pushes the coaching staff and the club to a reflection that, surely, will bring consequences.

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