Loyd was again Curry and Valencia is in the semifinals

The 'taronjas' sentenced Gran Canaria with an extraordinary third act and with 26 points from the North American escort. Tobey, in double figures.

Valencia Basket is in the Endesa League semifinals after beating Gran Canaria, and completing a more remarkable first round. The taronjas cemented their victory in an extraordinary third quarter, as in the old days, where they shook the canaries until finally sending them to the canvas with a partial 12-26. The victory, in addition to classifying them, gives the pass to San Pablo Burgos and eliminates Real Madrid, who runs out of options before playing his last game.

In the Taronja team, the two North Americans stood out. Loyd returned to dressing as Curry, as in training sessions prior to the NBA Finals last season. 26 points in 23 minutes, with 5 of 6 in triples and only two missed field goals, marked the game he needed, after a long injury, to face the semifinal plugged in. Tobey again demonstrated that no one can beat him in the paint and submitted his candidacy for the MVP of the competition. Again double figures: 18 points, 11 rebounds and 26 valuation.

Valencia Basket started the duel against Herbalife Gran Canaria in the same way that ended less than 48 hours ago against Burgos. In the first quarter, in attack, he did everything perfect. Abalde's sensitive loss abroad was exceptionally supplied by San Emeterio and Jordan Loyd, who finally appeared in this final phase. They generated everything (15 points between them in the first 8 minutes). And Tobey still dominated painting. The first serious advantage came with a partial 0-8, with an extraordinary 2 + 1 from Loyd, another basket from the American and a triple by Van Rossom (8-17, min.6). Four out of four for the Valencians in the first act from 6.75. Tobey joined the party with two 'alley-oops' brand of the house to put the maximum (11-21, min. 7). The only but one of the taronjas was the defense of the corners. From there, Gran Canaria machine-gunned three. Okoye, from that X, put the 21-27 and a loss of Colom against Paulí brought the Canaries closer to four. The base corrected it with a 'coast to coast' to leave it at 23-29 at the end of the first quarter.

Gran Canaria came out in the second quarter ready to level the shock. An 11-4 inning served to bring them very close (32-33, min. 13) with a Costello basket. Valencia had a couple of minutes of clouding in attack but the Canaries always lacked a pinch in defense, which took advantage of Valencia to score and regain morale. That and that Ponsarnau put his initial quintet back on the field. 2-10 partial returned with San Emeterio taking the game to his field (34-43, min. 17). But again Gran Canaria looked for the poorly defended corners, that reiterated must taronja this season. Katsikaris sought him out, Shurna executed him. By then, Ponsarnau had already won Loyd and San Emeterio, somewhat gray during the final phase, for the cause. But it was missing to appear Quino Colom, who scored the last six points taronjas before the break (11 in only 5:22 of play in the first half). The Canaries followed suit with another triple, 8 of 14 in the first two acts. 44-51, at break.

Once again Gran Canaria was plugged out of the locker room. Cook and Shurna pressed the scoreboard in but it was a mirage. Valencia Basket adjusted that hole in the corners a bit and flew in attack on the back of the Colom-Loyd-Tobey triangle. Another 'alley-oop' and a triple from Tobey (49-60, min. 23) gave way to the final ax. Loyd did not want to leave this final phase without leaving his seal of current NBA champion. And so he began to basket everything that passed through his hands. Gran Canaria was no longer shot and San Emeterio was Loyd's counterpoint. With two baskets of the 'Santo' and a mate by Labeyrie, a 4-26 quarter ended, leaving the overall score at 51-77 (min. 28). The party was already taronja but Gran Canaria had arrests until the end.

Between the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth they made a partial 16-2 that put Valencia's ears back on the stiff side (67-79, min. 33). Two triples followed by Marinkovic and Sastre undermined the last drop of morale that the Canaries had (67-85, min. 35). Still, the arrests of Beirán that found a hole in Marinkovic's defense and a lucky triple from Harper made believe again in the miracle to Gran Canaria and the Madrid players, who were already in La Fonteta watching the last minutes. But Loyd, with two more consecutive triples, returned the Madridistas' gaze to the mobile. What was happening on the court no longer interested them. Valencia is in the semis. Madrid on vacation. This year only the NBA remains.

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