Lopetegui: "Hervías says he did not need it at 0-1"

The Sevilla coach assessed the draw against Valladolid in this way: "His goal punished us a lot, then we went in tow. There are six finals left, the first in Leganés."

Sevilla coach Julen Lopetegui assessed the draw against Valladolid this way: "We wanted to win the game, but it is complex if we make the mistake of receiving that goal when they had barely seen our area. That punished us a lot, with the whole game trailer. We could have used Munir's annulled tie, they tell me it's by millimeters. "

Valisoletano both weighed to Seville: "The feeling is not positive, of course, we wanted to win. His goal conditioned us, perhaps created anxiety. The team that remains crying will not be able to face the next final. We have a precious goal that we want to achieve and for this we need to add three by three. Everyone has a hard time winning, we wanted to do it but unfortunately we did not succeed "

"The goal comes from a foul that Pablo Hervías tells me was not, but we cannot have those failures because they penalize you at the highest level. In the second half the team was good, we played in their area, we had occasions. In the first we have a clear Ocampos before his goal. We wanted to add all three but there is no time for either joys or too many regrets, "added the coach.

"There are six finals left, the first is in Leganés. Each team plays a lot of things, that's why when people make calculations it is not like that. Everything is too tight. We have to be able to bring the merits to be reflected in points because we need them, "he concluded.

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