Laso: "Our balance until March 12 was magnificent"

"The hashtag was 'to come back is to win', right? Well, we have to keep that. We have come back ... but of course we have not won," says the Spaniard.

Pablo Laso knew that his team was no longer risking anything before facing Casademont Zaragoza on the last day of the final phase of the Endesa League that is being played in Valencia. Real Madrid needed a favor from Herbalife Gran Canaria that did not finally arrive: Valencia Basket won the match and will be a semifinalist. Like, also in group B, San Pablo Burgos, the great sensation of the tournament. Real Madrid is out of the semifinals for the first time in twelve years and, therefore, will also see the final on television for the first time since 2011.

Before playing against Zaragoza, also eliminated, Laso wanted to give importance to the duel: "We want to finish the tournament well. Zaragoza has great players, we know that it will pose difficulties for us, it is a rival that will force us a lot". Of course, he assumed that this final phase was a competition of very particular characteristics: "I want to focus on the moment, on this last match, but we knew that this was a special tournament due to the circumstances that have been experienced, in society and in the basketball. "

Real Madrid won the Super Cup and the Cup. Without the Euroleague, which was definitively canceled, they had their chance in this League to make a triplet and also to win the championship for the third time in a row. The last time he did not do it was in 2017. Then he fell in the final against one of the teams that have now discharged him, Valencia Basket.

After the game, the coach from Vitoria congratulated his team for the victory and the attitude in a very difficult match to play: "It was not an easy match for either team but we were serious and we have done, in general terms and knowing that It was a difficult game, very good things. I'm happy with the victory, the mentality, the effort ... it was the fifth game in nine days ".

And on the early elimination of Real Madrid, he acknowledged that it was not what they were looking for but wanted to make it clear that the season was not exactly bad until the stop forced by the coronavirus: "The tournament hashtag was 'to return is to win', right? "Well, we have returned, but of course we have not won. I am left by the circumstances with that, to return is to win. I am not happy with the tournament, I would have liked to win it, but like all the teams that have come here I value the team during the year, the season ... we have won the Super Cup and the Cup, we were second in the League and in the Euroleague ... we have to value everything, not only this tournament, which we knew was difficult and special. Balance until March 12, when we had to go home from the Palace, it was magnificent. We were second in the Euroleague, second in the League and we received the leader at home, we had won the Cup and the Super Cup ... The balance until that moment was great. Then in this tournament we have not been well and we are not happy. I congratulated the guys before the game for the work of the whole season, we are leaving with a bittersweet flavor. "

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