James' stepfather does not rule out his continued stay at Madrid

The Colombian has a contract until 2021 and Madrid wants to sell him, but Restrepo let the player contemplate staying: "In December he will consider whether to continue there or not ...".

Juan Carlos Restrepo, stepfather of James Rodríguez, has returned to the scene to stand up for the Real Madrid player. If on Thursday he spoke on Radio Marte affirming that the Madrid player would have preferred to go to Atleti in the event of a transfer and defending his professionalism, this Friday he took up the shield again to defend his stepson. He has done it in the program El Corrillo de Mao.

His situation: “James spent the quarantine in Madrid with his children, his mother, he is in great physical and mental condition to return. He is restless because he is not a starter, but it does not mean that he should lower his arms, he is a great professional and works hard hoping that it will happen in these next times ".

Confidence: “I fully trust James's gifts, I would be concerned if he were not working conscientiously. I know James is going to give up and when he overcomes the ailments he is going to demonstrate the fullness of his conditions. "

Futuro: "James' representative has had offers from many European, Spanish and Asian clubs, but James is currently at Real Madrid and is focused on making the most of the institution and the team. He has a contract until the summer of 2021 with Real Madrid, but in December he will consider whether to continue there or seek other horizons. James is confident in his talent independent of the coach who is in the team. "

Discomfort: “It is true that James had some physical ailments, and that prevented him from competing with the guys on the roster at the time to earn a place in the starting lineup. James' commitment has been unmatched. Madrid has a very wide and competitive staff, the one who is injured hardly recovers his position, but James is there giving everything to enter that eleven ".

Options: “James inside knows that he has the conditions to shine at Real Madrid, he likes Madrid, there are his friends, his family, but he is aware that he is an elite footballer to fit in anywhere. In the process of raising James I taught him that the human being does not run away to the first obstacles, for me he is thinking that he still has the possibility of shining in the Real ".

El Madrid: “The White House is a very large institution, anyone who gets there is a mega star and James is no exception, so whatever he says or has is maximized by the media. I like to see James as a possible false 9, and as a right-back but without so many brand obligations so as not to be pigeonholed and have a punch profile. "

Criticism: “James has been a high performance athlete since he was 15 years old, he has never left his professionalism, he is an integral athlete. In his home there is a professional chef for his food, it is an aspect that James has never neglected. "

Something personal between Zidane and James: "I don't think there are personal circumstances about Zidane, I think that in his vision there are athletes who are above James, and that is going to happen with or without Zidane" .

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