Honda and winning F1: déjà vu with McLaren or a new reality?

The two top managers of the Japanese manufacturer in the 'Great Circus' point out that winning races and the World Cup with Red Bull is their final goal for the 2020 season.


"I am confident that we will be able to fight with Mercedes" or "Winning in Australia is not a dream" are some of the great predictions that Yasuhisa Arai, maximum responsible for Honda in Formula 1 until March 31, 2016, made a Five years on the return of the Sakura power unit integrated into the McLaren MP4-30 chassis and the ambitious objectives that the Japanese manufacturer wanted to achieve on his return to the 'Great Circus'.

A propeller concept that was radically changed during the winter of 2016 to try to solve, without success, its serious problems of reliability and power, causing the divorce between the British and Japanese, which four years later seems to be perfected to the millimeter to achieve the desired End of the 'Rising Sun' country brand: defeat Mercedes and win the championship alongside Red Bull.

"In a situation where Mercedes and Honda have the same chances of victory, our goal is to take the win. I am excited and I can't wait to become world champion," says Yasuaki Asaki, head of operations at Sakura. A speech also shared by Masafumi Yamamoto, Honda managing director in Formula 1: "This year will be a great milestone for our association. I would like to compete humbly to meet the support and expectations of the fans. We want to fight in every race and give joy to our fans. "

It should be remembered that last season Honda climbed, up to three times, to the highest drawer of the podium (Austria, Germany and Brazil) thanks to the excellent driving of a Max Verstappen that was only surpassed in the classification of pilots by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas . "We can win every race of the season," is the message Verstappen recently released. Déjà vu or reality? On July 5 we will begin to answer this question.

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