Full-blown punishment

Athletic made Mallorca pay dearly for their mistakes behind and the little punch. Sancet debuted as a scorer.

A two strides from returning to Segunda, Mallorca fulfills that saying that 'A skinny dog, everything is fleas'. It is an honest team, which gives what it has and does not mistreat the ball, even in 20 minutes of the second half it threw of pride and was able to extract oil, but its gross errors behind and the desperate lack of depth lead to an ephemeral adventure among the big. For the umpteenth time, an enemy was found, this time Athletic, who with few arrivals put the morning on the right track. The target was over Lago Junior, a player who craves the ball so much that he only has eyes for it, no peripheral vision, and for that reason he was the great culprit of the defeat and of a blow with Yeray that left him stunned in the band.

Vicente Moreno repeated the approach of Valdebebas, a drawing with five behind, and Pozo and Lago Junior in tasks that do not usually occupy them under normal conditions running down the sides from the defense. It is a team that does not kick the ball, far from it, but it lacks tusk. Seeing his 30 goals, less than one per game, his firm candidacy to return to Second is understood. And Athletic was like the top-ranking team, with much more punch. Two arrivals before the hydration break and two goals, one through a penalty to Raúl García, who masterfully shot to make his eleventh goal this year (equaling the cap he had achieved with Osasuna. He has seven of seven on penalties, near Zarra in 1950-51 (8 of 9) .The other blow came in a corner designed on Garitano's slate. In both cases Lago Junior was confused, having previously announced his cloudy morning with two sweats before Williams. He crossed paths with Raúl García on a deep ball and brushed it, so the Navarrese went to the ground. And on a corner kick, Unai López leaned on Williams, who returned a potato, but managed to put a candy Sancet, who came to attack the ball without the precise vigilance of Lago and hobbled it. His first goal as a lion, a tracing of the scene that Villalibre starred in at the RCDE Stadium. Athletic squeezes the stopped ball like no one else. It is the team with the most goals in strategy plays in this League: signature 11, four from a corner, 5 from a free kick and 2 from a throw-in

The emotional blow to the Balearic Islands, when seeing itself with 2-0 with the minimum cost on the part of the rival, was evident. Only Garitano's troops had limited themselves to taking advantage of errors, penalizing them with goals. Dani threw caste with a shot that grazed Yeray and finally forced Unai Simón to stretch.

Unai López, Sancet and Muniain began to meet, although this in the band loses all its magic, and Athletic's circulation speed rose with two more gears. Salva Sevilla, in a mischievous action, took a foul without asking for distance from the barrier and almost caught the rojiblancos in panties. Moreno changed the speech, although this time he did not want to activate the 'Luka bomb'. He put Budimir first and then Abdón Prats to play with two pure ends and act more direct. Sancet began to look for the back of Dani Rodríguez and Salva Sevilla, who are not distinguished by contention.

The truth is that the 22 protagonists of the deserted Cathedral downloaded pulsations. And Athletic began to get out of adjustment back. Dani García, a containment midfielder, looked and wanted to attend to all errands in the first third of the local field. With the ball it was very thick. On the day of the silly penalties, Yuri committed one by light contact to Budimir, who sent her to the network with almost the same invoice as Raúl García minutes ago. Garitano lined up more firefighters to quell the fire. The changes this time were decisive to recover the posture. Vesga entered through Unai López, strengthening surveillance of the airspace. And he changed the attack, with Villalibre and Kodro, two very appreciable merits this time. The first is dynamite. As soon as he entered the field he had one and the second, he put it inside, again with the rivals in a contemplative plan. This time he did it with two touches after redoing a bad first control, the never seen before. In Bilbao it is believed in Europe. And also many rivals are not buoyant. The boy finished the job and maybe Mallorca this year.

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