End with pending accounts

Barcelona has not won the League for six years and KirolBet Baskonia has ten blank. Mirotic against Shengelia, star duel.

Life is full of paradoxes. And tonight's Endesa League final serves as an example. Barça-Baskonia, face to face the two best teams, the most competitive in this exceptional phase in emotions. The two who had slipped that in case of coincidence of dates, something that had never happened, their choice was the Euroleague ahead of the ACB. But the paths are sometimes inscrutable and the players and their coaches understand little of politics: play and win.

A single game league final, without a net, with all the meat on the grill for 40 minutes. In that, it will be more reminiscent of a cupping outcome, although the graduation rises because the tournament has League rank and because both arrive with pending accounts. Not among them, that too, but with the competition itself. Barcelona has six years without the crown, since 2014 (four successes for Madrid at that time and one for Valencia). In fact, in the ACB era, culé basketball never sandwiched five seasons without grabbing the jackpot. To see such a drought we must recall the 22 years that passed between its first title (1959) and the second (1981) .

The Kirolbet Baskonia lost the 2018 final in Vitoria with Doncic playing the executioner and has not raised the trophy since 2010. But what way to win the then one: that 2 + 1 of San Emeterio shattered the forecasts against, probably, the best Barça of history. Now, as then, there is Dusko Ivanovic on the bench. Six months ago he started his third stage at the club and has accomplished a feat: refloating the ship. “I am enjoying with the players. He had faith in them and we have changed what they lacked, the mentality and the character, "explains the coach, with whom Svetislav Pesic joked:" Play a bit because ... later you don't know, "he said to Dusko while holding the trophy. The culé coach accumulates hobbies, among them, however, it is not found not to grab the cup to avoid the bad luck they say it brings. "With Ivanovic Baskonia is better, it seems that he was born in Vitoria instead of Bijelo Polje", he stated.

Barça's million dollar bet is one step away from obtaining a reward. His four flashy signings, that is, Mirotic, Higgins, Davies and Abrines, contribute almost half of the points (and that the fifth, Delaney, left). Mirotic has just been named MVP and the theory says that today he will star in the stellar duel with Shengelia. "We will see who is better this time," says Ivanovic, who will have a headache with Hanga, a base by obligation. The Hungarian hurt them in the clash of group A: 81-75 with 15 points and 7 assists. For his part, Pesic fears “basketball without much tactics or philosophy, but direct” from his opponent. The League in a match, take advantage that they may not see it any more.

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