Death or fright in Palma

Mallorca needs to win to continue dreaming of permanence against a Celta who caresses it. The left-back Lumor and Olaza are the main novelties.


Mallorca and Celta knock at the door of your dreams today. While the vermilion team is obliged to win in order not to virtually fall to Segunda, it would be enough for the vigueses not to lose to further caress the permanence. It is a duel in which the hell of Mallorca is mixed with the sky of a Celtic who is marking salvation and who glimpses the vermilions eight points away (follow the match live on .

Vicente Moreno has always shown himself to be a sincere technician when talking about the salvation options of his Mallorca and is aware that he may be firing his last bullet to hunt down the permanence. All that is to avoid death will be to transfer the feeling of fear to Celta, but it's time to win. Although the moment is far from sweet. He has only achieved one victory in the last seven games (he arrived 115 days ago, against Eibar outside) and the restart of LaLiga has caught him with the changed foot. The lack of forcefulness in the areas is killing him and is that in the last five duels he has received 11 goals and has only made two. But since this vortex of football that has been experienced has not allowed Mallorca to whip itself excessively, it is already focused on how to overcome Celta. And Vicente Moreno recovers Lumor. The left-back is finally back after his injury and the coach breathes after accumulating problems and inventions to solve the hole he has had during this new normality on the left of his back. The 4-2-3-1 will shine again in Mallorca and Take, Dani and Budimir must be the spears of a group with less and less to lose and much to gain.

The joy is given by the points and Celta is in a state of frenzy. He is going through his best moment in times and is that, in addition to coming from a draw against Barcelona, with the rush that this implies, he has had four duels without falling. This has allowed him to take oxygen, but he still needs one more step to certify another stay. Óscar García wants to give it as soon as possible and will present his gala team. Olaza, who ends his loan for Boca today (but will continue), Murillo and Rafinha will regain their status at 4-4-2 and the only question is who will accompany Aspas upstairs. Smolov and Mina oppose it. Gunpowder to avoid a scare.

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