David Carnicero: "It's weird, but you face the narration just the same"

The Movistar + narrator in the final phase of the Endesa League summarizes with AS how he has felt counting this very special championship.

-How are you psyching up to narrate this final phase without an audience?

-In principle the same because what I like is basketball. Then you realize that you react differently. I don't know if better or worse, if I do it more objectively or less objectively. Because it is logical that sometimes you let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of a field. In the end, even if you don't want to, the local team always throws you more because you come upstairs. Imagine Valencia-Real Madrid how it would have been with the public. But the way to face them is exactly the same.

-But don't you feel a little weird?

-It is true that everything is very rare. The first day because it makes you a little funny, the novelty ... you are aware of everything to tell it ... but from the second day you think: 'Let's see when this joke ends, people come in and everything begins to be normal'. When the game begins nothing changes because we are abstracted from what happens in the stands and we are always looking at the field and the benches and the way of narrating and behaving is the same.

-And what about narrating stuck in a 'fish tank'?

-It is rare because we are used to being on the court and the closer to the players, the better. But it is all so peculiar that we decided to eliminate risks. And we were the ones who asked to get away from the park. The 'fish tank' is our idea because otherwise they would be constantly hearing our screams on the track. If people are listening to the shoes at home, from the parquet they would listen to us. It would be a hassle for players and for everyone. We are next to the box, we would also disturb those who are there.

-In what changes that the realization is being done from Tres Cantos?

-Well, for example, the team that is here is working much more. At Movistar + we have been doing this for many years, working in the same fields, the press people and the technicians of each pavilion know each other perfectly ... But suddenly this happens and it is all different: where the cable used to go was no longer it can go, when we were 70 people we can only come 32. In addition, all the technical production team is in Madrid, here there is no filmmaker, there are only camera operators and that at the signal level of image and sound is crazy. I miss knowing that I am talking to the filmmaker and I have it nearby. Thanks to Jorge and Luis they do not notice anything that we are 400 kilometers away but I miss the closeness. Telefónica decided that it did not want to risk beyond a certain number of employees and everything is going very well because they are very good.

Photos from as.com
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