Clavicle fracture for Dovizioso: will be operated today

The MotoGP runner-up suffered an accident in a regional motocross race and after being examined in a hospital his intervention was decided.

Bad news for Andrea Dovizioso. The Italian Ducati suffered a fall this morning while participating in the first race of a regional motocross championship in Monte Coralli (Italy) and fractured his left clavicle, but without displacement, so he will undergo surgery today in a Modena hospital. The transalpine pilot will have a titanium plate inserted to speed recovery.

The MotoGP world runner-up was transferred to a Forlì hospital to perform plaques, X-rays, a CT scan and the rest of the pertinent tests that revealed an injury to the left shoulder, which although it does not seem excessively serious a priori will make the rider 34 years old, I did not arrive as I would have liked at the beginning of the MotoGP World Championship, on July 19 in Jerez.

"After suffering an accident during a motocross race in Faenza, Andrea Dovizioso has suffered an injury to his left clavicle. After consulting with Dr. Porcellini, 'Dovi' decided to proceed with surgery tonight in Modena to be fit in time for the start of the 2020 MotoGP season, "confirmed the Ducati team on 'Twitter'.

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