Celades: "I have neither submitted the resignation nor intend to submit it"

Valencia coach Albert Celades stresses that he feels "respected" and "supported" by the dressing room despite what happened this week with Maxi Gómez.

Albert Celades appeared on the screen (press conferences are telematic) with clear ideas and the speech he wanted to launch learned. He knew what he had to say and propose: union, confidence and good words to the behavior towards him of the black and white players. The week, following the defeat in Eibar and after his discussion with Maxi Gómez was made public, he heated up around the figure of a coach who has made it clear that "I have not presented the resignation nor am I going to present it."

Do you feel, as we say from the outside, that you have lost control of the locker room?

No, no. Not at all. I've always felt supported by the players from day one. We have always had the support of the players, from the first day until today and it was a difficult situation, but they have always helped us.

Have you submitted your resignation or do you plan to do so if you do not win in Villarreal?

I have not submitted the resignation nor do I intend to. It is false.

He says he hasn't lost control of the locker room. So what happened to Maxi Gomez?

I've always thought that wardrobe things are talked about internally. When something happens, it is spoken internally. They are dress codes and that's how I understand. Everything is very good between Maxi and me.

Do you fear for your position in Valencia if you don't beat Villarreal?

I have no fear for my position at all. I am focused on making a good match, in the best way. We come from little rest to prepare the game, but I am sure that we will do very well. The group is psyched to change the dynamic away from home.

Have you talked about conflicts with Maxi, Coquelin, Nephew ... Do you think the situation can be redirected?

Things inside stay inside and fix themselves internally. I only have words of thanks for the players because they have helped us a lot. They are great footballers, that's why they are at Valencia, but they are also good people, always ready to help. Those who have been here for many years are hardened and have lived many things here. We have a healthy and united group.

He is seen more blunt and ready to launch a message of union. How do you feel? Do you think that Celades has a double magnifying glass and that now he burns more than ever?

I don't know. I know that I am in a position of great responsibility for the size of the club. I try to wear it normally. We try to live the day to day normally. Trying to live with them and when you have a good group, united, that has gone through difficulties and a group that has helped us a lot. I have no reproach, on the contrary. Many have helped us and the achievements are due to the players.

Have you ever felt that you have been disrespected?

I have felt supported and respected at all times. It is very difficult for them to support you if they do not respect you. I've felt this way around the world. On the club side, on the wardrobe side and on Cesar's side. I have neither resigned nor will I resign. I'm going to be here fighting to get the most out of the team and what worries us is tomorrow's game, in which if we win we get back into Europe.

The match against Villarreal is a new opportunity for Europe.

That's right. Sevilla's game was one more example. Everything is very even and it costs us all to win. It is the general trend. We had been like this all year but even more after this restart. There are many points left and everything is very even. We are on time for everything. Most teams now play something and every game is very difficult.

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