Burgos makes history and Barcelona will be measured in semis

In a clash that anyone could win, the intensity from Burgos melted the Andorrans in the final stretch. Afterwards, Valencia did not fail.

The San Pablo Burgo pulled courage, rallied against Andorra and benefited from the victory of Valencia Basket against Granca to sneak into the Endesa League semifinals. A historic clash for the Castilian team, which will face Barcelona on Sunday.

Joan Peñarroya, current coach of San Pablo Burgos, until two campaigns ago, Morabanc Andorra coach and perfect connoisseur of the Andorran team, opted to take advantage of the lack of rival interior players to launch his men into Andorran painting, causing great wear and tear in Andorrans. whom he took to the limit of his resistance.

The rhythm imposed by Vitor Benite (23 points) and Ferran Bassas (6 assists), along with Dragan Apic and Thad McFadden, was wearing away those of Ibon Navarro who, after adding eight triples in the first half, only managed three in the second . Tyson Pérez in the second half, along with the great match of David Jelinek, Jeremy Senglin and Dejan Todorovic, "touched", like Hannah, resisted until the forces did not accompany them: 53 points in the first half and 33 in the second, with 16 losses and 12 rebounds transferred in the second half.

Initially, the Burgos did not take advantage of the fact that the Andorrans were already in 'bonus' in less than five minutes and with the 15-13 (m.7) the entry of David Jelinek, with three almost consecutive triples led to a worrying 17-22 at the end of starting quarter.

And things didn't change at the beginning of the second quarter. Massenat and Walker triples with Tunde's final basket for 23-32 (m.14). Peñarroya stopped the match and Vítor Benite was back on track when Dejan Todorovic scored his first basket (23-34) .

And with him came the Burgos reaction. Two of his triples left the mark at 31-36 (m.17) and Ibon Navarro asked for time asking his players to mark on the Brazilian base. And it worked because the Burgos was stopped again in attack and Hannah moved her team well.

Jelinek and Senglin and Todorovic's triples led to a resounding 35-51 (m.20) and only a triple from Thad McFadden's midfield avoided a greater disadvantage to the break (40-53) .

Although Uruguayan Bruno Fitipaldo was disqualified with two techniques (m. 22), Burgos, with Bassas and Benite on the track, reacted (48-56, m.24) and the match was complicated with techniques to Peñarroya and Jelinek, but Benite threw again to his own and after the first basket of Pablo Aguilar (55-59, m.27) the Morabanc coach asked for a desperate time.

Y would be Massenat, Jelinek and eight points, almost followed by Tyson Pérez, who reopened the gap (60-72, m.30) after stopping the actions of Benite, a key piece of the Castilians

Peñarroya continued with Bassas, scoring Clevin Hannah, and Benite on track at the start of the last quarter (62-72) and some errors in attack by the Andorran people were taken advantage of by Burgos through the Serbian Dragan Apic, a triple by Bassas and a shot McFadden free to close the gap (71-74, m.33) after a 9-2.


Ibon Navarro's men began to notice the wear and tear of the hard fight on both boards and the least success in triples, along with the weight of the personals although a triple by Jeremy Senglin gave them air (75-81, m.37) although the omnipresent Benite prevented with another a new rival break (78-81) .

Y were four points in a row from Apic that gave the command to Burgos at 1:43 to go (82-81) after the Andorians had dominated for almost 35 minutes.

Nacho Llovet tied with 38 seconds to go and on the next play a triple from Ferran Bassas seemed to decide the match (86-83) with only 14 seconds in the mail and more when steps were whistled for Senglin in the next play and a foul on McFadden with two free throws (88-83) .

But Morabanc Andorra did not give up and a triple from Jelinek placed the 88-86 with 4 seconds to go. Immediately afterwards there was a foul on Jasiel Rivero, who missed both free throws, and with just two seconds Jelinek missed the last triple and Burgos has made history in the ACB league.

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