Baskonia is in the semifinals after beating Unicaja in a dying overtime

Baskonia beat Unicaja and they are already qualified for the semifinals helped by Iberostar's victory against Joventut. Polonara scored the decisive point in extra time.


The Baskonia beat Unicaja in a spectacular, wonderful and exciting match that was resolved after a determined overtime, in the absence of a second, with a free kick transformed by Polonara after a previous play where Bouteille did not score the triple winner with a draw at 86 He was a triple winner. But the French rushed and in the end the Vitorians kept their nerves warmer and took a game that almost got them into the semifinals of this League.

It was a swing game. A great balomncesto match. Of what they do hobby. He started sending Unicaja, he went back and devastated Baskonia. Then Unicaja swam and had it in his hand. Ejim overdecorated himself on a seemingly easy dunk and missed two decisive free throws. Henry appeared in the extension when he was most needed with two superb triples and finally Polonara put the dot of his life in the penultimate play of the game. This is the sport.

This is the story of an extraordinary crash. Unicaja started accurately in attack (9-16 min.5). But its excess acceleration resulted in losses, no less than six at a stroke, which Baskonia took advantage of. From 16-19 of minute nine (the first quarter ended with 19-19) it was passed to a devastating 29-19 at 13 minutes. Granger's departure reactivating his own and the rebounding power of Ivanovic's led to this tremendous turnaround on the scoreboard. The partial, 13-0. Casimiro asked for time because his team had left the game.

Losses continued to bleed the people of Malaga, and nine. Baskonia punished on the basis of triples, seven in the 35-24 of the 15th minute. The distance grew to 39-24 because Unicaja was still missing. With no rebound, defense, or intensity, he was at the mercy of a more plugged-in Baskonia. Unicaja needed to wake up and improve in aspects such as the offensive rebound, where it was clearly inferior (ten from Baskonia). The first half closed with 44-33. 20 rebounds for Baskonia and 13 losses for Unicaja with 12 fewer shots. Awesome.

But after the break came the overturn. The third quarter started with a good triple from Mekel, who supported the boat as the appreciated traditional base. Unicaja improved and with a partial 0-7 caused Ivanovic's time-out because, suddenly and with a thud, the scoreboard was tightened to 44-40. Dusko's tremendous anger at his players. Thompson triple, Gerun two more and Bouteille triple and 44-48. The incredible partial in these four minutes of madness was 0-15. New Party.

Baskonia adjusted and resumed the lead of the game (51-48 with a 7-0 run). The departure of the Canadian Ejim gave new wings to the players and closed the third quarter with 54-56. A stretch clearly won by those of Casimiro who knew how to get the best out of their best defense in the area, a drop by the Vitorians in the triples (0/7) and fewer losses by Unicaja, just one. In hard times Vildoza made his interventions. To consider.

Alberto Diaz was really on fire. He defended like a champion and was right. The total player. Unicaja was 54-59 at the beginning of the final stretch with a triple from Malaga, who countered Baskonia in a sigh with a 7-0 run. At 34 'first basket by Darío Brizuela. The last minutes were full of emotion. At 36 '66-67. In the absence of 2.33 minutes, two points from Mekel (68-71) and timeout. It was clear that the end was going to be a heart attack. After the 70-71 unfortunate injury to Shengelia who luckily can continue playing.

Thompson's stopper to Polonara tremendous with 70-73 and on the next play 70-75 it seemed that he would give a preferred ticket to Unicaja. But Ejim failed a mate in a resounding way because he liked it too much. With 18 seconds to go, 72-75. Ejim, again, misses his two free throws and Gerun fouls and Dragic makes both shots. 13 seconds left. More free throws. Mekel tucks one in. Baskonia takes possession. 12 seconds left. Polonora ties at 76. Extra time. New Chapter

And in this added time Henry, with a tremendous triple put a distance that seemed definitive (83-80). But Bouteille appeared with two sensational triples (83-86) after receiving a ball recovered in a magnificent way by Alberto Díaz. But Henry replied. Draw to 86. This time Bouteille, with five seconds to go, rushed and Polonara, again Polonara, with two free throws in the absence of a second, transformed one of his two free throws after a subsequent foul. (87-86). And Unicaja yearned for losses, wrong free throws and precipitations. Baskonia, with the most tempered nerves, took a victory of merit and prestige against a formidable rival. Two great teams

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