Barça remains leader

The Barça team will play this Tuesday for a title that they have not conquered since 2014. In that period, they have lost three finals, all against Real Madrid, the eternal enemy.

The semifinal was an unbalanced duel. Barça faced San Pablo Burgos with a budget nine times higher. Only the annual salary of its star, Nikola Mirotic, cuts from ERTE on the sidelines, is practically in the same numbers as the entire Castilian team: 4 million compared to 4.8. The honors, history, experience ... Almost everything was on the Catalan side. Against this, Burgos contrasted the illusion and inertia of a game streak that led him to knock down another powerful man, Real Madrid. It was not enough. Svetislav Pesic's machinery gave no choice. Mirotic celebrated his Endesa League MVP with a good game, but above all Thomas Heurtel stood out, with 14 points and 11 assists for a 20-point valuation. This final phase has hurt several teams, Zaragoza is the best example, due to the departure of its players, but it has also favored others with the recovery of the injured. The French base is a benchmark for good work during the alarm state: it is on fire. The breadth of the squad and the physical tone also won the match.

Barça will play this Tuesday for a title that they have not conquered since 2014. In that period they have lost three finals, all against Madrid, the eternal enemy. Tired of this drought, which has also coincided with the most glorious stage of Pablo Laso's, the Barça club threw the house out the window to form an 'Invincible Army' that would return them to the altars: Mirotic, Davies, Higgins, Abrines , the escaped Delaney ... The pandemic has been about to throw the project overboard, but there is time to amend it. A match is missing, a victory. The champion of this final phase will take an asterisk for its peculiar format, which will be less in the case of Barcelona, which was already leading in March, when the tournament was interrupted, and, apparently so far in Valencia, continues to lead Liga ACB.

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