Aspas leaves Barça on the canvas

A great goal from the Galician foul conjures Suárez's reaction and leaves Setien's peers out into the abyss. Celta, close to certifying their salvation.

When Barça seemed to have once again overcome a critical situation in Balaídos thanks to Luis Suárez's call for rebellion, Aspas appeared to crucify a Barça that despite some green shoots, is unable to complete an entire match without making a serious mistake. The draw to two in Balaídos leaves Barça in the UCI of LaLiga.

Setien shook the team, paying attention to the voices crying out for Riqui and Ansu to join the starting eleven. And from the start, it went well. Griezmann was the one sacrificed before the altar of youth. If the transfusion of young blood revived Barcelona in Balaídos, rotascar's rotations blurred Celta, who lost the tone of the last games.

Barcelona came out for the game and Ansu after two minutes was already entering the area, Semedo was deep for his band, Messi delayed his position to draw the game and had a partner in Riqui who, at last, gave continuity to the game .

Barcelona struggled to capture their good start with an advantage on the scoreboard. Piqué finished off the crossbar at the exit of a corner, Messi tried it from afar and gave the feeling of the Blaugrana team, as happened in Seville, he could let his minutes of dominance pass without scoring and then pay for it.

However, the intelligence of Messi and Suárez initially dispelled that doubt. A foul on the edge of the area that Celta defended with two players guarding the sticks waiting for Messi's direct shot gave the Argentine the opportunity to tune the ball for Suárez's header. The equation was obvious. If you add two more to the players you put in the barrier keeping the posts, it is clear that someone is going to be unmarked in the small area. The play went round and the Uruguayan scored again.

Celta reacted to a disconnection from Barça after the goal. Four minutes after the goal Ter Stegen deflected a shot from Brais to the post after a pass from Denis and then rejected as best of Aspas, who on the edge of the end of the first part wasted a two against one against Piqué having Smolov alone before the Blaugrana goalkeeper

Barça finished the first part satisfied with their good game, but with the feeling of not having closed the game while the locals knew that if they went up a gear, some of the Barça players would still not hold the pull. That's what happened.

That Barça is not there to play at a high level 90 minutes in a row without making a mistake is something very clear that was confirmed again in Vigo. Five minutes after the restart, a new loss from Barça in the midfield, this time from Rakitic, left the defense culé with Umtiti out of position and this time Piqué could not conjure the two against one and Smolov tied the game .

Barça, out of place, tried to react based on the start of Messi, who a minute after the goal protested a penalty, but as he was offside the VAR discarded the maximum penalty.

To play the last half hour of the game, góscar risked before Setién and entered Rafinha, Nolito and Bradaric on the field. A reaction was expected on the away bench.

But before the first change came, Suarez appeared again, who caught a ball served by Messi in a school forward movement to put a Barça ahead that seemed to save the game until Aspas's great goal came from a free-kick. 88 confirming that it is the martyrdom of Ter Stegen, who still saved Nolito a deadly goring, but that leaves Barça in the UCI.

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