Alonso and Lorenzo knock on the door

Motor racing came to a halt during the pandemic, but the driver market did not stop. Two comebacks sound strong in Formula 1 and MotoGP.

Engine competitions came to a halt during the pandemic, like all other sports, but the driver's market did not stop. On the contrary, some of the big sports news of the confinement was related to the changes for the 2021 grills, mainly the departure of Sebastian Vettel, which caused a domino effect that led Carlos Sainz to Ferrari and Daniel Ricciardo to McLaren. The sea has calmed down, but the waves will return to Formula 1. The car released in Renault points to Fernando Alonso, the prodigal son, among its candidates. Alonso wants to return to F1, as someone close to him has commented. And the prospect of the new regulation that will equal the World Cup in 2022 may motivate the return to what was the home of its two titles.

The MotoGP market is also hectic. There, another illustrious Spanish motor world champion, Jorge Lorenzo, sounds strong to sign for Ducati. The runrún is usually the anteroom of the news. The Balearic retired from the competition at the end of the 2019 season, overwhelmed by the Honda. He did not know how to get his talent to squeeze a motorcycle that Marc Márquez has elevated to the altars. After his goodbye he entered Yamaha as a tester. And on that mount, the same one in which the champion was crowned, the bug had to bite him, because this year he does not stop talking about his return, nor has Lorenzo ruled it out. This 2020 season he was already going to play the Catalan GP, until the virus also eliminated the invitations. At Yamaha there is no official site, but Ducati has not yet decided who will accompany the newly incorporated Jack Miller. The Mallorcan left Borgo Panigale two years ago in a sweet moment. It was difficult for him to access the leading positions, but he began to win just after receiving the farewell letter. A half-done job that could still be completed.

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