A tussle Tuesday

At 15:30, Inter will face Valdepeñas in a duel of contrasts. Then, at 20:00, the ACB final will face two classics, Barça and Baskonia.

Two Spanish league titles are resolved this Tuesday: men's basketball and futsal. It is a strange day of the week to dedicate to these lides. The key is in the number, 30, which closes June and, consequently, many player contracts. In team sports it is signed by courses, not by calendar years. And although an extension of the agreements could have been negotiated, it is always less cumbersome to end the season when appropriate.

The date, with or without a title, will put the finishing touch to seven Movistar Inter footballers, including his recent brand, Ricardinho, who is not even playing this express playoff due to disagreements with the club. A sad conclusion to close a fantasy stage. Inter will meet at 15:30 with Valdepeñas in a final of contrasts. The Madrid team is the most successful player in national futsal with 13 leagues, while La Mancha appears for the first time for the championship, when a year ago it was fighting for permanence and two years ago it was in the Second Division.

Later, at 20:00, the ACB final will face two basketball classics, Barça and Baskonia, with two talisman coaches, Svetislav Pesic and Dusko Ivanovic. Its last final was ten years ago, won by the Alava team with that famous 2 + 1 from San Emeterio. Ivanovic was on the Basque bench. And facing, perhaps, the most powerful Barça in history, which had just conquered the Euroleague. An antecedent that can serve as a warning to current Barcelona, a project forged this course at the stroke of a checkbook to re-green old glories and to end Real Madrid's best historical streak. At the moment, whites have been at home for several days. Something change. It has been six years since Barça have conquered the League, that may be the next step ... But be careful with Baskonia. Dusko is back.

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