A heroic Burgos crosses the path of the MVP Mirotic

The revelation of this final phase ACB, which has already eliminated Madrid, plays for a place in the final against the great favorite for the title, Barça.

The four survivors of this final phase of madness watched yesterday weapons before facing the semifinals today. The first day without basketball in Valencia after ten days of vertigo (84.3 points on average, 2.8 more than in the regular phase, duels resolved by just 9.4 points, less than in any League in the last 25 years, more success from all positions and 30 different MVPs in 30 games), left us a barrage of recognitions and awards. "Mirotic, MVP" is no longer just a song from the Palau, but a reality. The ACB awarded the Barça star as the best player of the season. He beat Facundo Campazzo. The Madrid base surpassed him in popular support, but the Spanish-Montenegrin had the support of players, coaches and the press. In total, 90 points out of a maximum of 100 by 65 from Argentina and 25 from Shermadini (Iberostar) and Shengelia (Baskonia) .

Mirotic received the award unexpectedly after being summoned on the hotel terrace, where his colleagues were waiting for him, who presented him with the award to the cry of "MVP, MVP ..." just before throwing him into the pool. "You can see in my face that it was a good surprise that brightened my day," said the protagonist. "I hope we can return to this pool with the League title, because that is what I came to Barcelona for, to achieve collective success, not to demonstrate anything to anyone." His averages until March were 19.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 24 valuation and in the five duels in Valencia, 16 goals, 5 rejections, 2.3 assists and 20 credits. He repeats a trophy that he already won with Madrid in the 2012-13 campaign. MVP and member of the five ideal together with Campazzo, Prepelic (Joventut), Bouteille (Bilbao and Unicaja) and Shermadini. Huertas (Iberostar), Hanga (Barça), Abalde (Valencia), Shengelia and Tavares (Madrid) make up the second ACB quintet.

The recognitions will be worth little today, with semifinals without a network. One match, San Pablo Burgos dreams of the feat against the great favorite. If he has already knocked down Madrid, why not Barça, he asks himself his fans, possibly the best this season, since we are at awards. "They are super favorites, but we want to play the final," says Joan Peñarroya, Burgos coach. “There was a lot of celebration after the victory, but also after some defeat the team remained just as happy. Now we think about the game, about ourselves, that is the preparation to arrive with energy (one less day of rest) and clear ideas ”. And Mirotic remembers that San Pablo made it very difficult for him at the Coliseum (80-82). "The opponent has what it takes to beat anybody," says Pesic. Bassas, McFadden, Benite, Aguilar and Lima have an average score of 57. A historic semifinal.

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