Zidane: "I'm not going to ban Bale from playing golf, he's older"

The coach spoke at the press conference before the league match against Espanyol. About Hazard's injury: "It's a little more serious than expected," he said.

Key to Espanyol

We know that all zero relaxation matches, we know that it comes from making a good match and what we want is to have the best version of our teams tomorrow. Give the maximum and that is what we will try to do tomorrow.

Hazard session

Injuries are screwed and he is a player we want to be with us. It is an oco more serious than expected. I don't know what we are going to do in your cure. What we want is to return quickly with us. Marcelo, the same, Gareth, the same. I do not want any player outside the team due to injury. It is an important casualty. But there are other players and you have to continue with those who are for tomorrow's game.

Bale session

It occurs in the Alavés match, because then we had two and a half days of rest and on the way back he suffered. That's why he hasn't trained with us. He did a little today, but not with us.

Your note

I don't wear anything. The only thing is that I am happy to be here, in the best club in the world, to be with my players, whom I love very much, and I am fortunate to live this moment in my life, as a person, as a former Real Madrid player and Now as a coach. I take it as a gift every day. I don’t wear anything. I enjoy. From Madrid I will always be and it will never change.


It's everyone's time, yours is going to be tomorrow and as always, you will have the call in a short time. The team will know tomorrow. It's Vinicius's moment like everyone else's. The important thing is that they are prepared and then I have to choose an eleven

Spanish League or other championship

Es play tomorrow against Espanyol. It's reality. We are very excited to play in the Spanish League.

Injuries-medical services or player matters

I don't know. I think the players try to be a bit of everyone. They play every three days, Eat well, and I think the players do, especially to recover because you have a match three days later. The doctors are on top of the players, and in the same boat. The first ones who suffer are them And that is a matter of all. They are around the best, that's what this club has.

Golf, Wales and Bale

I will not prevent anything from Gareth or any player. They are older and know what each one has to do.

Four midfielders

No. I miss the system. Alignment is more important. Each match can change. I don't like to always do the same thing. The rival studies you, see what you do in each match. And well, all the systems we put in is to focus the game we have. We have to play in a way that will be different from the last game


He has four, if he gets one, he stays out for the next game. Hopefully it will last until the end of the season

A third of the championship has already passed. He likes to start strong, finish strong ...

The important thing is to be well all season. From beginning to end. What we intend is to start well and continue this way until the end. The stretch until Christmas is very important for us.

Winter Market

It can happen from everything. For now I stay with my players.


You do not deserve where it is in the table. Spanish teams are very good. It is a team that plays very well. We are focused on tomorrow's game. We do not play against the last of the table. We know it will be very complicated. If you let him play you can roll it.

Hazard-Bad news

This is very bad news, because he is a player who has demonstrated his quality in recent games. I don't like having injured players, and above all, Hazard, who was recovering his game, his form and was demonstrating his quality as he did in France and England. It's a setback and I hope it doesn't last long for us.

Ferland Mendy

In the field it is already fully adapted, integrated into the group. He has had the possibility to play and when he has done so, he has demonstrated the level he has to play here. Off the pitch you have to improve Spanish, there you need a little more.

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