Zidane and Celades: friends in Madrid, rivals in Valencia

They coincided in 41 meetings wearing the Madrid shirt. Tomorrow, and for the first time, the two friends will be measured on a First bench.

Zinedine Zidane and Albert Celades, current coaches of Madrid and Valencia, respectively, agreed in 41 games wearing the Madrid shirt: 26 League games (19 wins, one draw and six losses), 10 in the Champions League (they won the Ninth: with five wins , three draws and two losses) and five in the Cup (three wins, one draw and one loss). Both forged a great friendship.

The current coach of the Valencian team arrived at the White House before the French: the Catalan was signed by the whites in 2000 for 2,000 million of the old pesetas (about 12 million euros to change). It came from Celtic Vigués. His past at La Masía, where he was part of the so-called 'Quinta del Mini', along with De la Peña, Óscar, Roger, Velamazán and himself, gave him a striking role for the center of the white field. And more after having to replace Redondo, transferred to Milan. He was clear from the beginning: "I come to do my job. Not to replace anyone." In 2003, Albert left for Bordeaux, where Zizou began to forge. But the link does not end here: in 2018, Lopetegui signed him as an assistant coach when he relieved Zidane.

Tomorrow, and for the first time, the two friends will be measured from a bench first.

Photos from as.com
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