"With what we do it doesn't come, we have to change now"

Diego López is confident in the team's reaction, but it must be immediate. He already experienced a descent with Villarreal. On Machín's words: "They are true."

The situation of Espanyol in Liga is "complicated". No one in the blue and white locker room hides it and this is what Diego López confirmed this Wednesday. The parakeet goal explained that "we have to take a step forward. With what we do it does not come and we must change now." Diego López experienced a decline with Villarreal, but he made it clear that "they are different times. Everyone's head is not losing the category. The game against Osasuna made us see that football has changed a lot and any team and in any circumstance you can win. We have to be a more competitive, uncomfortable block that can win anyone. We have to keep trying, improving and being demanding to get out of this situation ".

Espanyol visits Real Madrid on Saturday and Diego López explained that "it is a very difficult field and a great team. It is one more game that we have the opportunity to score. After the other day there must be a very noticeable change in the team is going to Madrid and we have to go with the conviction of making a great game. " In the environment Machín's words still reverberate after falling before Osasuna, in which he commented that he really wanted uncles and not pee, and the goal offered his opinion: "The technician wants to get our best version. What we have done so far not comes, with this we are not going to save the category and the change has to be remarkable. It has to be competitive, have more attitude, minimize mistakes, be a very difficult team to win. " "The players know that we are not doing things right, we are not at the right level and this club and we do not deserve it. What the coach said are true, we have to step forward. There are many games left, but we have to score points. We carry very few and many will have to be drawn to achieve salvation. " After that, Diego López appealed to the shield to fight to redirect the situation and is that "if we have to learn from something it is about the history, the values and the feeling that this club gives off. We have to transmit it and that the rivals see the gene that there. With that the results will come and everything will be better ".

Adding just one point in the last six games has done a lot of damage to the locker room, but it's time to look ahead. Of course, step by step because “the milkmaid's accounts usually go wrong. It makes no sense to make numbers, we have to rediscover ourselves, to feel again what we have been not so long ago and from there look for points every day. Thus perhaps the lack of confidence or fear will become positivism and good results. ” The defeat against Osasuna turned Cornellà-El Prat “into a powder magazine and we don't want it. It is normal for people to be pissed off, get tired of words and want facts. We want them to feel proud, support us and see a team that can show their faces. ” Finally, he spoke of the fact that the parakeet entity will go to the winter market in search of players to reinforce the team: “If the club considers that people have to come to help, welcome. Those of us who have to be responsible and if things are not done well, more players can arrive and those who are left. We cannot wait until January 1 to see what happens because we are leaving the conference. Now every point is very important. ”

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