Welcome home Sainz

This year all the results have shown it, now everyone sees it, now everything is easier.


Sometimes an act of justice might seem revenge. But no. Carlos Sainz has shown that he is one of the best Formula 1 drivers of the moment. Now many say it, now that he has achieved a sixth place with a McLaren with whom, at most, he should have been eighth, he has achieved a podium and above all he has left the feeling of a team leader and a serious driver of present and future. But all that ... he already knew it for a long time, we already told it some, many times. And Sainz had to endure, as a child, to be told that he was there only for his father, that he had had everything much easier, that as soon as he reached F1 ... he would blur like a freshly painted graphite in the rain. A few saw in him a worthy heir of family talent, a kid with clear things since childhood, an immense ability to work and the courage that a real racing driver is supposed to be.

This year all that has been demonstrated by the results, now everyone sees it, now everything is easier. It is already more complicated to appear tweeters, bar bar opinioners or colleagues who tell you what Carlos or others are worth, when you just got off an airplane after fourteen hours of flight. And so for years. F1 is not a sport of results, although it is difficult to understand. But rest assured, there will be more and much better than this sixth. You can do it and deserve it. So thank you Carlos, for continuing to fight and being happy, for showing Red Bull and Renault that they were wrong, for overtaking Hulkenberg as if you were living in it, for so many things ... When in many years I am with a blanket watching the fire on a winter day surrounded by grandchildren, I will tell you that once I worked near Carlos Sainz, father yes, but also son, the Formula 1 driver. Meanwhile, to all unbelievers, welcome to Sainz house. In 2020 more. And better.

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