Victor Font: "I am hopeful that the Classic will be played"

The candidate for the presidency of Barça says that "until today, Tsunami Democrátic has put the 'seny' ahead until today. I hope that what you have in mind is well thought out."


After asking for a new referendum for the Espai Barça before the imminent convocation of the Extraordinary Assembly of Bartomeu, Víctor Font, pre-candidate for the presidency of the Barça club, he answered the media question. The questions focused on Espai Barça, but Víctor Font was asked for his opinion on the context surrounding the Classic next Wednesday.

-What is your opinion on the call for Democratic Tsunami on Classic Day, do you think it will be played?

-On a personal basis, I think that one of the things I value about Democratic Tsunami until today is that it is a movement that, beyond being a peaceful movement, has put forward the 'seny' to the 'rauxa'. The acts at the airport and the Jonquera have been done from common sense and I am convinced that it will be the same. I am hopeful that the game can be played because Barça's interests will not be affected. I hope that what Tsunami Democrátic has thought is well thought out although when there are so many people there are things difficult to control. I hope that the game is played beyond the claiming action that that speaker that gives a Classic will give more impact.

-Do you have the feeling that the new financing of Espai Barça can put the club at risk?

Obviously we refer to that. An investment of 700 or 800 million euros can be faced by a club like Barça, but what we ask is that since this club is owned by the members and not by the one who governs it, that must be explained. What we want is for all the details to be given. They are the consequences of this club model

-How do you see the change in the financing system: from the famous 200-200-200 to the current change?

It is ignorance and lack of transparency that does not allow us to have an opinion as God commands. We are not trying to put sticks on the Espai Barça wheel. When I participated in the 2010 elections, I talked about the urgency of changing the Palau. You have to explain very well what is going to be done.

-Given that the directive leaves in a year, would it be favorable to ask for civil liabilities?

More than asking for civil responsibilities, what we want is for things to be done well. If this project governed the club and we found this reality, they would reproach us for saying nothing. What we ask It is consistent with this ownership model so that in 2020 you can continue to win Champions with this ownership model.

- Does this claim take into account the impending convocation of the extraordinary Assembly?

-It is precisely this. It is explained that this extraordinary Assembly must be held in the first quarter. It is an obsolete governing body that must be updated. It is not a problem of this Juta Directive, it is a model problem. When Laporta ruled, the Assembly was equally unrepresentative. And before. What we are talking about is that the institution is consistent with the model that is to be promoted and we do not want the Extraordinary Assembly to be used to ensure that a decision of this importance.

-Do you think the debt of the club is close to 1,000 million, LaLiga should be over?

We only have clues. The issue of transparency is important because there are decisions, such as player renewals, that go beyond this mandate. It is a necessity and should always be that way. The current model legitimizes that whoever governs the club acts as the owner. LaLiga has done a lot of good in recent years. The control of clubs in general has improved the economic health of clubs. But it has reached a first level in which the concern is short-term and that the club is viable at that time. Our responsibility. Now the ball is on the roof of the club. It is not that we are very optimistic considering how things work, but the ideal would be to see if, from the request we make, if those words of Bartomeu continue to be valid and are in favor of a new referendum.

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