Valencia: Maxi and Rodrigo already form an 'unlimited society'

The Uruguayan striker and the Spaniard have participated in 17 of the 30 goals that the team has scored. Your understanding goes further.


In a summer as turbulent as last in the capital of Turia, the Che fans could conclude the same with two great joys: the signing of Maxi Gómez and the permanence of Rodrigo. Mestalla was going to enjoy a tip with a market value of 50 million and international with Uruguay and another with a valuation close to 60 million and unquestionable with Spain.

Valencia started the course with a Champions striker and almost at the end of the first round, they are demonstrating this. And is that the pair of attackers is already perfectly understood on the green. With his assistance on Saturday, Maxi was able to give Rodrigo back the two he has given him during the course. A goal pass that the Charrúa had been looking for for some time and that demonstrates how he is adapting more and more to the fast game that the team develops.

Maxi is not a type of striker who stands out for his ability to associate as Rodrigo is. The 22 lives for the goal and has said so many times. However, having a point like Rodrigo in the squad, the ability to know how to associate in speed is practically an obligation due to the advantages that can be obtained in the front of the rival area.

After a process of adaptation, not without the classic friction of football, Gomez is becoming better and better with the Spanish-Brazilian. So much so, that the relationship has gone from "is selfish" that Rodrigo said when Maxi did not give the ball in the fateful encounter in front of Ajax to "is your brother" that Maxi himself shouted at his partner when he He attended the comeback in Cornellà. And on Saturday it was the 19th who, just after scoring, looked for his pin to congratulate and hug him.

That this scoring couple increases their level of understanding can only mean advantages for the team. The numbers between them are not yet excessively high, Rodrigo has given Maxi two assists, being his preferred partner, and Maxi Rodrigo one. But adding their participation in the goals, you get the result that they have been protagonists in 17 of the 30 goals that the team has scored in all competitions, almost 60% .

Rodrigo continues to justify his versatility. It is a reality that the striker is one of the most influential in the team's game. Not in vain to date has been the protagonist in 12 goal plays: he has scored three goals, has given six assists and forced three penalties. Today, Moreno is the team's top assistant and also the one who makes the most shots.

Maxi, meanwhile, progresses in its ability to combine, but its numbers show the attacking type it is. The South American has the spotlight very well adjusted, proof of this is his six goals in 16 shots. But in addition, he already has two goal passes.

In the match against Villarreal, the two of them looked with a magnifying glass. After their unusual mistakes in front of the goal against Chelsea, Celades gave the opportunity to his favorite strikers to recover and they did not fail. Maxi, who has the tag of little pin, attended and Rodrigo, who says he has no goal, scored

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