Torres: "Whenever there have been doubts, Atleti has responded"

The exdelantero of the Athletic one of Madrid has pronounced on the Classic one: "I think that soccer has always been a bond of union and joy to focus on soccer, We hope to enjoy a great game, without political dyes".


Fernando Torres has opened at the CEIP Francisco de Quevedo in Fuenlabrada, a school that saw him grow, the fourth Cruyff Court. It is a small artificial football soccer field that encourages sports practice among children and young people, the result of the agreement of Fundación Cruyff and Fundación La Caixa. In the act, the exdelantero of the Athletic one played a game with some students of the school and others of a Danish school. Then he has reviewed the news of Atlético de Madrid and LaLiga.

How do you see Atlético this season?

I see him very well, following him a lot and keeping in touch with my classmates. The season at this point, as always, there are ups and downs. The team is still in a position where the team has always felt stronger, perhaps from further back than in recent years. But, Atlético has always responded with more force when they start the most important part of the season. Whenever there have been doubts, and adversities the team has responded better.

Lack of Atlético goal.

It's a story I've been listening to since I debuted. They are always looking for groups to dump the criticisms and the team has overcome all these streaks. Scorers and great players there are and the goals will be scored.

Do you have questions with Simeone?

Those doubts always come from outside. The important thing is that the team knows what it wants and where it wants to go. When we reached the Champions League final, in the middle of the year there were also those doubts. It is very soon to question these players and this team when they always end up giving the reason for the way they do things. You have to be more patient.

What rival can be better at the Atleti Champions?

Atlético is a copero team, which knows how to raise the qualifiers very well, regardless of the rival. Now it is not known, there is much until February. You have to accept whoever comes and they will prepare the match in the best way.

How do you see Joao Felix?

He is a quiet, humble, very focused boy and is glad to see him play. You have to be patient with him and keep learning. I see him enjoying and taking more responsibilities.

Annoying to talk about Atlético and criticize that transition in the club?

You have to know that people expect more and that criticism is good. It makes you see that the expectations and the first ones to demand are them.

What do you think of the transition year?

The team has lost many important players and has to build new mechanisms. Even so, keep competing.

What would you say to those who whistle in the Metropolitan?

That Atlético is above all and everything. That union is what strength has done throughout history. The division and doubts has not helped us. We must recover when people cried with emotion for a defeat.

Are those dicks hurting?

I think everything has been magnified. Koke, for example, is a legend and it cannot happen that such a player is beaten. These pitos do not reflect the feeling of a hobby that have always given everything for the shield.

What do you think about the Fuenlabrada season?

The work is fantastic and I wish we could have another Madrid team in Primera. I am still surprised to hear that the name of the stadium bears my name.

How do you see the situation of the Classic?

I think football has always been a bond of union and joy to forget everything that is external and focus on football. I hope that, in this case, it is worth it and we can enjoy one of the best football matches without political dyes. Let it develop normally.

How is that going back to your school?

For all of our school, it contains many memories and we are the people we are thanks to the people we meet along the way. I lived here and I had a hard time finding a place to play football. I would tell the students that they have it, to dream and to set goals, which is the way to achieve them. I was like them 20 years ago and had a dream. If I have succeeded, they too.

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