Thebes has its guarantees tied and intends to be re-elected at Christmas

According to the LaLiga statutes, and after the Election Commission was prepared tomorrow, the process could be liquidated in three weeks. No more candidates are expected.


Javier Tebas presented his resignation last night to be able to attend a new election, in the middle of the delivery of the Golden Ball to Messi and although he himself had denied days before he contemplated doing so. The so far president of LaLiga did it in accordance with the statutory and regulatory provisions, so the Electoral Commission has already been established while Clemente Villaverde (Atlético) acts as acting president. This will be formed by five members, of which two, represent the Sports Public Limited Companies or the oldest clubs of Primera, one, the oldest club of Segunda, one, the most modern representative of Primera and one, the most modern of Second , with such condition in Athletic, Barcelona, Getafe, Sporting and Extremadura.

The members of said Commission will take office tomorrow, December 4, and there will start a process that will vary if there is an alternative candidate or not. If Thebes presents himself, in three weeks he will be officially re-elected. If it has a rival, the elections, almost certainly, would be held in January 2020.

Tebas claimed yesterday different reasons why he has decided to advance the elections 11 months, since his term expired on October 10, 2020. However, according to the opinion of many presidents consulted, he follows the same strategy four years ago: maneuver Unexpected way not to give time to his potential rivals (which have increased compared to his arrival in 2013) to organize and present an alternative candidacy against him. It already happened in 2016 to Alex Aranzabal, former president of Eibar, who ended up unsuccessfully claiming that the clubs could endorse several candidates (the bylaws do not allow it) and, therefore, could not stand for the elections.

Thebes, now as then, has not only secured the 25% guarantee required by the rule (11), but also has enough more and will try to exceed 30 to make it impossible for anyone else to appear in a dispute that It could be more at odds for two reasons: because clubs, endorse who they endorse at first, then vote for whomever they want in secret and, in addition, because powerful entities such as Madrid and Barça would campaign against him.In case someone is encouraged

According to the sources consulted, it does not seem that anyone will appear against Thebes. "It would be a sniper," says the occasional leader. In any case, if someone decides to take the step, they must meet some requirements according to LaLiga's own statutes in article 34:

“Candidates for President of the LIGA must meet the following requirements:

1.- Be of legal age and be in full use of their civil rights.

2.- Failure to comply with a penalty or suspension or disqualification penalty to hold public or sports office.

.- Not belonging, at the time of submitting your application, or committing to resign, if elected, to the Board of Directors or Board of Directors of a Sports Corporation or Club, or to be holder, by any title, of a percentage equal to or greater than 10 percent of the share capital of a Sports Corporation; or hold a position in a Spanish Federation or professional league, except in the Royal Spanish Football Federation, or belong to a company or society directly or indirectly linked by economic commitments to a Sports Corporation or Club.

4.- Submit your application in good time and form, and be guaranteed, at least, by twenty-five percent of the full members of the LIGA Assembly.

The deadlines and forms for presenting candidates and endorsements will be developed by regulation ”.

The vote would be like this

The election of President, if there is one, would take place in the Extraordinary General Assembly, in which it would be elected, in the first round, who would have obtained at least 32 votes. In the event that no candidate obtains them, a second round would be carried out in which only the two who had obtained the most votes in the first round would be candidates (if there had been a tie in the most voted position, only the candidates will attend the second round) that have drawn. If there had been a tie in the second most voted position - and there had not been in the first place - they will attend the second round, together with the most voted candidate in the first round, those who have tied in second place) .

In the second round, the one who obtains the highest number of votes will be elected provided that he has obtained at least 35 percent of the votes corresponding to the attendees of each of the Divisions. The vote corresponding to this second round will take place one hour after the result has been scrutinized.

If the tie persists, or the requirement of the aforementioned 35 percent is not fulfilled, a new Assembly will be held within the following thirty days, the only candidates being those resulting from the second vote, the latter being governed by the same criteria and quorums previously mentioned

In the event that, after the deadline for submitting nominations, there is only one candidate for president, he will be proclaimed by the Electoral Commission, without the need to hold an Extraordinary Assembly. This is the strongest hypothesis.

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