The transition to nowhere at Atlético de SiMOUne

The Cholo team returned to draw away from home when they needed to win to regain their goal of being fourth in the league. Joao Felix only failed in the definition and Atlético deserved to score, like Villarreal.

At the Simeone Ceramics Stadium he arranged his usual 1-4-4-2, repeating the four-round in the middle (Oblak; Arias, Felipe, Hermoso, Lodi; Saúl, Herrera, Thomas, Koke; Joao Félix and Morata). Contrary to what it might seem a priori, playing with four midfielders does not make you have superiority in that area or better inside game. The breadth tried to get Atlético with the incorporation of the sides, but Villarreal surpassed him in depth and verticality in the game in the first half.

Pressure. It already happened against Barça. Atlético makes a selective pressure, choose the time to press. It seems that he lacks legs to go for the opponent for longer in games. The physical aspect begins to worry and it is feared that the plague of injuries that struck the team last season with more than fifty injured people will return. Before Villarreal there was hardly any pressure after loss in the first part and the team retreated without trying to steal, seeking to recover the ball in the creation zone, but the yellow team surpassed it with offensive splits and walls. In the second part if Atlético came out to press and created more chances.

Occasions. Joao Felix had clear chances, the clearest went to the top and another to the post, and gave precise goal passes to Koke and Lodi. He could decide the Portuguese, but he lacked the point of success and pause in the definition, but he showed crack personality and did not fall apart because of the failures. Atleti de Simeone again lacked forcefulness and aim in the rival area and had no firmness in his own area with a little expeditious defense. At the time of the game, Cholo decided to remove Thomas, who did not have his best day, and Vitolo entered, who showed again that he is the starter. Then he took Trippier for Arias and Llorente for Herrera. The team is like this: Oblak; Trippier, Felipe, Beautiful, Lodi; Koke, Saul, Llorente, Vitolo; Joao Felix and Morata. It was seen that the Argentine coach does not have the slightest intention Cholo to put Joao Félix on the band after the scene that revealed the cameras of Movistar + in Granada.

Another draw. Both teams deserved the win. Atletico was not worth the draw and he had to win to regain his goal of being fourth in the League. The team that rules in the areas and the one that dominates the transitions, offensive and defensive, has greater chances of winning the matches. Speaking of transitions. According to the RAE dictionary, transition is the “action and effect of moving to a different way of being or being”. The second meaning says that transition is the “more or less rapid passage of a test, idea or subject to another, in speeches and writings. Its meaning also appears as "sudden change of tone and expression." None of the three meanings of the RAE dictionary conforms to either the first statement that Atlético is in transition or the subsequent clarification of Simeone (it increasingly resembles Mourinho to microphones, with a tremendous speech), and that in one and the other the transition sounded to put on the bandage before the wound and rule out the possibility of winning a title. The transition of the Atleti of SiMOUne is chaired by draws. At the moment, it is a transition to nowhere.

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