The sentence of the possible adjustment of the Levante-Zaragoza will be known on Monday 9-D

Two years of imprisonment and six of disqualification are demanded for the 41 accused individuals, in addition to a fine of 3.4 million euros for each of them.

The judgment of the trial of the possible adjustment of a match between Levante and Zaragoza in May 2011 will be known on Monday, December 9 after the judge of the case has summoned the parties to deliver it at 11 in the morning, as confirmed to Efe legal sources

The trial began on September 3 and was seen for sentencing on October 18 with a total of 42 defendants, of which 41 are natural persons, the vast majority soccer players, and Zaragoza as a legal entity.

The Prosecutor's Office and the private accusations, La Liga and Deportivo de La Coruña, argued that Zaragoza took money from their accounts to buy several Levante players. That money was justified as bonuses to their players for what they would have altered their payrolls.

For these facts they demand two years in prison and six of disqualification for the 41 accused individuals, in addition to a fine of 3.4 million euros for each of them.

In addition, for the former president of Zaragoza, Agapito Iglesias, and for two other directors of the Aragonese club claim another two years in prison for the alleged falsification of payrolls and a separate fine.

For Zaragoza the claim of the accusations is a fine of one thousand euros per day for two years

The defenses of all the defendants claimed their acquittal on the grounds that the evidence that there may be is not enough for a conviction.

In a generalized manner they also requested the annulment of the proceedings when they understood that the process was vitiated due to being based on a complaint by the president of the League, Javier Tebas, who according to his vision would have broken the duty of professional secrecy to present it because the data They were given by a client who may be among the accused.

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