“The salary limit increases by 12 million net to sign”

Europe allows this growth. "Now we are going to full," proclaims Roger Guasch, who warns: "It is cheaper to bet now than to do it in Second."

"Now we are going to full," the corporate general director of Espanyol proclaims from his lectern, after disclosing the details of the salary limit that will allow Espanyol to sign, something that he needs as May water, in the impending winter market. Roger Guasch admitted Tuesday, in a meeting with the press in Cornellà-El Prat, that “it is cheaper to bet now than to do it in Second. The message is of optimism, that we will get ahead among all. If not, we would not spend 12 million more. ”

And that is the amount available to the sports management to invest in reinforcements in January. "After overcoming the group stage of the Europa League and negotiating with LaLiga, the salary limit will increase by 12 million net," said Guasch, who recalled that that does not mean that there are 12 million for transfers, in fact a sum could be paid much higher, since “the salary limit includes salaries, Social Security, bonuses and first team repayments if the player is a purchase. But it also adds the grassroots football, the Women's ... Everything adds up. When we dedicate a million more in the quarry, it is included in the salary limit ”, he detailed

In other words, as the financial director, Joan Fitó pointed out: "If you chip for three seasons to a player that costs three million, each year you amortize one, apart from salaries, variables and Social Security." However, the salary limit will go to 80 million from the 68 with which the summer market was closed, which were already 14 more in salaries than the previous one: "It has been signed as never signed, this is a reality," he said Guasch.

“Debt will go down to historic levels”

Espanyol also took off with the capital increase that will be approved on the 10th at the Shareholders' Meeting. “The net indebtedness of 93 million euros will fall significantly with the capital increase of 50 million to historical levels. It will remain between 40 and 50, ”Fitó said. "There are 50 of the 63 million due to the Rastar Group," he said.

“The capital increase is important to have financial muscle,” added Guasch, who added: “We will go from being a LaLiga club C to an A club. That means that it will give us a larger borrowing capacity. That all the money is not in the field is made with the vision that it is finally in the field ”.

A benefit of 1.8 million and 131 budgeted in revenue

On the result of the 2018-19 fiscal year, until June 30, Joan Fitó explained that 13 million were invested in players and that the turnover increased by six million for the rights television, largely due to the international impact due to Wu Lei, and despite the fact that the sale of players went from 22 to 11 million. The result for the year increased from 6.4 million in 2018 to the current 1.8.

Y as for the current 2019-20 season, the expected revenues go from 98 to 131 million, which are due to the sale of soccer players such as Borja Iglesias and Mario Hermoso, and for the television rights derived from the seventh place in LaLiga.

"Chen is more committed than ever"

Asked directly about whether Chen Yansheng will continue to lead Espanyol in the event of a descent to Second, the corporate general manager was between elusive and blunt. “I know what I do and what I say. If Chen said now that he does not increase capital, you could have your doubts, but that is not the case, ”he said. And he signed: “The world of football today goes beyond the concept of romantic football. A corporation is a corporation, and you don't know what will happen in five years, but I am clear about Chen's commitment now more than ever. ”

"El Espanyol is a winning project"

"El Espanyol is a winning project," said Roger Guasch, who believes that the club "should broaden the base, because if he thinks it should only be from families, he has a problem." And he finished it off like this: “Barcelona needs more than two soccer teams. Now he has a brutal absence because there is only one brand, he lacks competitiveness. I want Espanyol out of the shade. We need to go from being a big club to a big club. ”

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