The RFEF can take the Classic to neutral field by force majeure

Article 42.3.a) gives the Competition Committee the power to change a match. The police can also request it.


The Federation (RFEF) has the power to take the Classic to neutral field if the tension increases and observes security risks found by the Police. This is reflected in the statutes of the RFEF, which indicate reasons of force majeure to apply the measure. This Wednesday a meeting is being held at the RFEF to evaluate the actions to be followed on the occasion of the Classic next Wednesday at the Camp Nou. The meeting has not been called either Barça, which guarantees security in its stadium, or Real Madrid, which "has not asked for or asked for the match to be played in a neutral field and will be what they ordered from their own Federation ", according to absolutely reliable sources of the white club.

Article 42.3. of the RFEF Statutes says the following textually: "Regardless of the exercise of the disciplinary powers that are specific to the federative bodies of this nature, they correspond to the RFEF, by itself or through the body to which it delegates (the Competition Committee ), the following competences: Suspend, advance or delay matches and determine the date and, where appropriate, place of which, for regulatory reasons, force majeure reasons, or disposition of the competent authority, cannot be held on the day established in the official calendar or in their own sports facilities ".

The change of headquarters would therefore require a report from the competent authority, in this case from the Government Delegation in Barcelona after a report from the Mossos, warning of public order risks. In addition, another report, not binding, of LaLiga.

would be required

In addition, the RFEF Statutes also contemplate the measures to be taken if the party had to be suspended once initiated, for example by a massive and uncontrollable invasion of the field, one of the threats handled by 'Tsunami Democràtic'. In this case, the change of venue in the event of a restart is also an option: "It is also up to the Federation (to the referees or the Competition Committee) to decide on a meeting to be terminated, interrupted or not held, when any circumstance has occurred. prevented its normal termination, and, if agreed to its continuation or new celebration, whether or not it will be on neutral ground and, in either case, behind closed doors or with possible public access ".

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