The reasons that led to the dismissal of Ancelotti

Napoli has experienced its worst crisis in Serie A since 2007, and the qualification to the eighth Champions was not enough to save the former Madrid bench.


A little more than a year ago, Aurelio De Laurentiis closed the historic triennium of Maurizio Sarri (91 points and a scudetto brushed in his last season), surprising everyone with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti. "I want to stay with him all my life," said the president of Naples, who had a strong friendship with the exmadridista. No one would have imagined the sad end of this story: Ancelotti who, after a 4-0 win over Genk and having won the Champions League round of 16, says "I don't know if I will be in the next game, I hope so", before being fired with a Quick meeting and a tweet two hours later. The president had met Gattuso last Sunday and had already decided to change: "Carlo and I have woken up from a dream," he said yesterday, "it was time to separate." How did you get to this point?


Football is today: it does not understand history, honors, or friendships. The Naples of Ancelotti, after a great start, began to fall after the defeat with Inter last December 26, 2018. His first course closed with a second place in Serie A, eliminations in the Champions group stage (that yes, causing PSG and Liverpool to suffer, quarterfinals of the Italian Cup (against Milan ... of Gattuso) and Europa League (against Arsenal), but above all with a half league points that, from January, went down to the Chaos these weeks. With 21 points in 15 days, the Azzurri live their worst crisis of results since 2007. And that the market, which cost more than 100 million (Lozano, Manolas, Di Lorenzo, Elmas, Llorente ...), made Ancelotti affirm that the team "was ready to compete for the Scudetto." The partenopei, however, never got into the fight for the leadership (they already have 17 points) and also dangerously moved away from the Champions positions, vital for the future of the club. Five points in the last seven days are a half down: De Laurentiis was scared and the qualifying round of the Champions League (there Carletto never disappoints) was not enough. It is over that the mister, in his book "The Calm Leader", defines "the honeymoon" .


Ancelotti had in his mind, for his Naples, a liquid football: starting from 4-4-2, he adapted to the rivals with different drawings in offensive phase, leaving a lot of responsibility to the players and their individual quality. A fascinating idea, but complicated: most of the Azzurra squad was used to Maurizio Sarri, who planned each movement for hours. Many did not live the change well and, in addition, they occupied a position in the field that they considered different from their characteristics. Betting on 4-4-2 led to no more midfielders signing (a replacement is missing for Allan) complicating the return to 4-3-3 that many Azzurri requested back (before all, Lorenzo Insigne, who has never hidden it). De Laurentiis chose Gattuso also for using just that scheme (yesterday he already anticipated: "I don't like to play with two lines of four") and, he acknowledged, "for having imitated the Sarri model in Milan." It's a turn back.


You cannot say that the staff of Naples were facing their master, but when things in the field do not work, obviously the tension increases. There was some friction with different azzurri, although the samples of affection lived in the last two days (the hug of Callejón and the cataract of messages in social networks) show that, in the background, the group was with the coach. Nor did the contractual situation of up to seven players, who have been waiting for an agreement to renew for months: two legends such as Callejón and Mertens (free from 2020), then Milik, Zielinski, Maksimovic and Hysaj (2021), while Fabian began to Talk about his contract with the club because of the offers that come from Spain and Allan was one step away from the PSG and lived badly not having closed the operation. In addition, losing the historic captain Marek Hamsik in February, who went to China with the market closed, took its toll on the field and outside, as he resigned this summer from Raul Albiol, the defense leader: without him, Koulibaly is not the same


The house of cards collapsed on November 5. De Laurentiis, two days earlier, had announced to the official radio of the club that he would concentrate the team until Sunday, after his bad league results. The decision was made without consulting Ancelotti, who told a press conference that he did not agree, something that the president did not like. After the match with Salzburg (which ended 1-1), the players refused to concentrate on the club's sports city and a strong discussion was born between midfielder Allan and the president's son, Edo De Laurentiis. The players all went to their homes, Ancelotti could not help it and went alone, with his coaching staff, to Castel Volturno. From there, nothing was as before: the club fined its players for the riot, also threatening them with a trial due to damage to their image, and the president began to think that the change in the bench was necessary. The relationship, which endured another month (with four draws, one loss and one win in the last game) was already broken. And Gattuso appeared.

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