The "transition" of Atleti moved 550 million last summer

The rojiblanco team was the great summer agitator. He invested 250 million, the third team that more, but entered 300, the great dominator in sales.

Atlético had the busiest summer of the Simeone era, when basic pieces during their legacy left (Griezmann, Godín, Filipe, Juanfran, Lucas, Rodrigo's last season ...) and the team went to the market to remake a project practically new with eight signings (Felipe, Hermoso, Trippier, Lodi, Llorente Herrera, João Félix and Saponjic).

A players who participated in a brilliant preseason of Atlético and who dreamed of a comfortable cycle change for Cholo. However, since the beginning of the season it has been proven that it was an idea far from reality. The goals of Griezmann, the leadership of Godín, the versatility of Lucas (he left for the € 80M of the clause), the experience of Filipe and Juanfran or the talent of Rodrigo (€ 70M of his clause) are not easily overcome.

Simeone declared after falling against Barcelona, something that has led to Atlético being sixth in the classification, that "we must know the year of transition in which we are. Patience and tranquility." A phrase related to the march of key pieces in the team, but where a very poor performance of the team has been accompanied especially in the scoring facet, with figures far removed from the investment made (16 goals scored in 15 days).

In total, Atlético was the third team that spent the most in its signings during the summer, around 250 million and the first in the list of income, reaching 300. Some benefits of almost 50 million between entrances and exits destined to Pay the Morata pass at the end of the season, once the transfer is over by Chelsea and you must exercise the purchase option.

Transfers that begin to adapt

Of the 250 million invested in the summer market, João Félix cost 127.2, becoming the most expensive signing in athletic history. The Golden Boy was the player who most awakened during the American tour (four goals and three assists), but so far he is having regularity in his game. In his favor, it should be noted that a month of competition has been lost due to an ankle injury and that with just 20 years old he is beginning his adaptation to a more physical and committed game than he had always developed in Benfica. A comparison in football relevance with Griezmann (he left for 120 million, although then Barça invested 15 more in the right of first refusal of several rojiblancos players) that at the moment does not hold, although the Portuguese has many years of football ahead.

As for the rest of the signings, each one with a different rhythm, they have adapted to begin erasing the memory of their predecessors. All except Marcos Llorente (€ 30M) and Saponjic (€ 0.5M). Felipe (€ 20M) is fully seated in the center of the defense and has taken the place taking advantage of the losses of Savic and Giménez. Same case as Hermoso (€ 25M), more irregular than the Brazilian, but before Barcelona he left his best performance as a rojiblanco.

Steps forward in veterans

Hector Herrera (free) is increasingly important in the middle, and Trippier (€ 22M) and Lodi (€ 25M) are the starting sides without discussion. But not every transition in a team refers to the new signings, since it also relates to the new roles of the players who were already part of the squad. Koke is now the captain, accompanied by Oblak, Giménez and Saúl in the quartet of team leaders. Only the '6' was one of the bearers of the bracelet the previous season, in his case the second after Godín (third was Griezmann and fourth Juanfran). The new captains have to start assuming a more important role in terms of character, team mentality, relevance to the grass and pressure on the referee, the latter to win over time.

But also players with experience in the cholismo had to have a capital role in the beginning of the course during the period of adaptation of the new signings of Atlético. In the preseason it seemed that Diego Costa was going to return, with his great game against Real Madrid where he scored four goals in just 60 minutes. However, until his injury that will take him out three months, only two goals came. Lemar also expected a step forward after a first year of adaptation, but currently seems to be going back.

Vitre has managed to improve its performance, although physical problems come to appear intermittently. Giménez and Savic, called to lead the defense without Godín and Lucas, have had long-term injuries and have not played for a month and a half. Other players such as Thomas, Correa and Arias have increased their performance, especially in the case of the Ghanaian, leader of the middle and the ball out without Rodrigo. The Argentine started the course more outside than inside, but a period of the season has arrived where he has been the most important player of the eleven. In the case of Arias, his appearances are scarce, but he has shown an evolution in his game regarding the idea of Simeone.

For Atlético to achieve such a characteristic balance during the Simeone stage, it is not only worth adapting the new faces, the evolution of veterans is also necessary. If the Felipe, Herrera, Lodi or Trippier are remarkably fulfilling and João Félix expects a rapid evolution, the heavyweights of the workforce also have to increase their responsibility. Simeone faces one of the most complicated situations since his arrival and needs his trusted men to reverse the situation. Despite the summer investment and the entire rojiblanco movement, the transition also goes through the evolution of the arrivals more than a year ago.

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