The Legends of Real Madrid will be measured at Porto Vintage in the Classic Match Heart

This year, the already traditional charity game of former Real Madrid players will be held on March 29 due to the works at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, and Alipio Jorge Fernandes, vice president of Porto presented the XI edition of the Heart Classic Match, which this year will modify its date: the meeting will be held on March 29 due to the works being held in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Another curious circumstance is that the match will be played in the morning (12:00 in the morning), since that same day, the Spanish National Team plays a friendly match in Amsterdam against the Netherlands. Surrounded by illustrious ambassadors of both teams (Roberto Carlos Solari and Arbeloa on the white side, and Fernando Gomes, on the part of the goalkeeper), both managers expressed their thanks.

For Florentino Pérez: “I thank you for the love you have shown to join us in this endearing date, to try to help those who need it most. Porto is one of the biggest in Europe. It is a legendary club and loved in your country and admired worldwide. And we have players in common like our always captain Iker Casillas. Porto is an example for children who see in sport a hope for their lives. We will give a good show to all those who come on March 29. The Heart Classic Match will once again be a success and all its goals will be achieved again. ”

For his part, Alipio Jorge Fernandes thanked the Madrid club's invitation to contest this meeting: “Real Madrid and Porto are two friendly clubs, and for that reason, the first word is grateful. We are very satisfied, considering that we are the two most successful teams at the international level of the countries to which we belong. It is a factor of prestige and also of responsibility. Both Real Madrid and Porto are two societies with strong social impact, which have a moral obligation to use all the means at their disposal to try to help all those who have more difficulties. It is obvious that Porto could not refuse the invitation of Real Madrid. We see it as a manifestation of our prestige. ”

The remarkable relations between the two clubs, and above all, of their presidents, Florentino Pérez and Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, have made this celebration possible, which will have an emotional background in the figure of Iker Casillas. The Madrid exporter is recovering from a heart attack that occurred on May 1, during a training with the goalkeeper. Also the names of Pepe (he spent ten years wearing the white shirt and now he does it in the blue and white set), Casemiro, James, or Secretary, who barely wore the white shirt a campaign, Ricardo Carvalho, Esnaider, Danilo and Alberto Bueno have passed on both teams. Currently, Eder Militao, who arrived this summer, symbolizes that close relationship.

This charity and charity meeting is already one of the essential events for all Real Madrid fans who can see the great white players face their Portuguese counterparts again. The benefits of this match will be allocated to the social inclusion projects of the Real Madrid Foundation.

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