The Efes leader arrives in Vitoria with Shan Larkin grown

Baskonia receives (21:00, Dazn) to the Turks. The base last week broke the scoring record in a Euroleague game with 49 points.

The leader of the Euroleague arrives in Vitoria. The Efes, who made a sensational Final Four at the Buesa Arena last May, has the main gunner in Shane Larkin. He was the best on that occasion although his team finished runner-up and is now the MVP. Last Friday he beat all the records of the competition after adding 49 points. On the weekend, in Turkish league with Galatasaray, he scored 25 more in 18 minutes of play.

Baskonia was the club that made it known in Europe after the departures of Mike James and Darius Adams. Two summers ago he tried to recruit again but it was necessary to get rid of the Granger token and no agreement was reached after all. Moerman is sure low in the Turks and Dunston, doubt. Ataman is finding in its arsenal of Turkish quarry quite a few solutions.

In Kirolbet, neither Granger nor Garino nor Vildoza will play (today they have done complementary tests and it seems that shoulder injury is lighter than expected). It was urgent to reinforce the squad and this morning the arrival of Sergi García, which will debut on Sunday, has become official. It is a 22-year-old base that will give minutes to an exhausted Henry. And it's quota, not like Lautaro López, born in Argentina. Once unlinked from Valencia (was ceded in Germany) has signed by the Buesa.

On the game, Perasovic explained how to stop Larkin. And, of course, the formula is infallible. "You have to lock him in his locker room," he said. "But in Efes I'm not only worried about Larkin, also Micic, Beaubois ... they have two quarters and good pivots. If one day Larkin fails, they have other players that can win you the game," he added. Pears knows the house well since he has trained Andadolu in two different stages.

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