The dentist in Wanda

Simeone receives a tough Osasuna on Juanfran's day (9:00 pm, Mov. LaLiga). Lodi is low: ankle discomfort from a blow on Wednesday.

Receive the Atleti in the Metropolitan today to a tracing of the team that was that Atlético de LaLiga de Godín. A headache, the dentist. That is today this Osasuna of Arrasate, who plays in Primera as he did in Segunda: with direct football and pressure with the knife between his teeth. Better tribute can not have one that was yours and will always be an idol here: Juanfran. He went to Brazil last summer without saying goodbye. It will be like Gabi's. In the last game of the year in the Metropolitan. Torres will not miss

Cholo's team spent a drink, qualifying for the round of 16 against Lokomotiv, but he has another: to score again in the League. Because he did it in the Champions League but before an opponent that really was hardly. And Osasuna really threatens. And that statistic: 89 shots in the last five games for two goals. This crack has been drained in the table.

He is seventh, out of European places, for the first time with Cholo at this time of season, with two victories in the last ten games (seven draws) and 26 points. If Osasuna wins today, it matches him. The Atleti between Lokomotiv and those of Arrasate and Simeone have not had 72 hours of rest yesterday. One thing is for sure: Lodi won't be. He was hit on the ankle on Wednesday and is not on the list. If Saul takes his place, Cholo can align Correa, Thomas, Koke and Herrera in the center. Although he has another doubt: that of the captain. He left the concentration last night for the hospital because he will be a father in the next few hours. If he does not play today, Hermoso would occupy the side and Saul his place.

Opposite this Osasuna de Arrasate is like that Atleti del Cholo in which Juanfran played, 2013. Today, in addition, with important returns: that of Aridane back and Herrera in the goal and those of Adrián and Mérida to Madrid, to measure what was his team. Roncaglia will be the right back and up can play only on tip Chimy Avila, always threatening, or do it at his side Adrian in a 4-4-2. Not giving up is your signal. The lack of aim a shared fate with that team where João, the Atleti, who seeks redemption in the League shines already strong. With goals

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