The Champions complicates Atlético and conditions their future

Simeone's team is sixth. It has ahead of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Real Sociedad and Athletic. The goal is to be in the top four.


Atlético lost to Barcelona. It was deserving of a better result but the Barça team took all three points and the Simeone team sees how Barcelona and Real Madrid distance themselves in the table. Both one and the other are six points ahead of the Madrid team and have one less game. The main problem for Atlético is that right now it is sixth in the table and that does determine the immediate future of the rojiblanca entity. Atlético's goal is to qualify for the Champions every year and right now the rojiblancos are out of that goal.

Simeone told a press conference that he is not worried that Barcelona and Madrid will escape but that Sevilla is five points ahead of the rojiblancos. A direct rival in Atlético for the Champions League positions begins to open a gap with the Cholo team. The fourth place now belongs to the Real Sociedad, which has one point more than Atlético. The Basque team has 26 points, one more than Atlético. Fifth is Athletic, with one point more than the Madrid team.

Atlético's big problem is its lack of goal. He has 16 goals in fifteen days, an almost ridiculous figure for a team that wants to aspire to everything. The Madrid team remained unmarked against Juventus, in the Champions League, and also against Barcelona. Another of the big problems for the Madrid team have been the draws. He ended up drawing seven games and this has penalized him in the table.

Atlético plays against Villarreal, Osasuna and Betis before the Christmas break (December 6, 14 and 22). You will have to start winning. Otherwise, your qualification for the Champions League will be very complicated. And in the middle of everything is the debate about the need to strengthen. The club has to dodge the salary limit if you want to sign. What once looked like a chimera, now is not so much. Without goal the results will not arrive and the goals are expensive in a template that until recently was considered luxury.

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