The Cavs open the door to Love, who already has suitors: Celtics, Blazers, Nuggets ...

In Cleveland they would be willing to transfer their star in the next transfer period (from December 15 to February 7) and the bid can be powerful.

The news seemed a matter of time and the time has finally come. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to listen to offers for Kevin Love, the team's star, a member of the squad that won the ring in 2016 but in the current state of the Ohio franchise is not much use. Neither for the team nor for the same. The Cavs are third by the tail in the East with a 5-16 record and their immediate future is far from fighting to be a winning team. Far from that, his current intention is to rebuild with young players to set up a medium-term project.

Kevin Love, a 31-year-old League star, hits little or nothing on that philosophy. The power forward is charging almost $ 29 million and he still has three more years left on his contract. Whoever wants to get their services will have to assume their salary and in return will have to convince the Cavailers with something that interests them, apart from releasing ballast in terms of salaries to square the accounts. According to Wojnarowski the goal in Cleveland is to get draft rounds, young players or both. From the 15th until the 7th of February they could reach an agreement with any franchise.

Several names of teams that might be interested in Love have already come out, all with at least playoff aspirations. Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Balzers are the ones that sound louder for now, but they're not the only ones. The Miami Heat, the Houston Rockets or the Phoenix Suns are also on the list. The feeling that the League seems to go through is that an incorporation of this caliber could catapult the options of any candidate to get the ring in a season that many see as more uncertain than usual.

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