The Bernabéu hosts 2% more public in the morning

The Madrid stadium records a small increase in spectators when the white team plays on Saturday or Sunday morning.

The morning schedule suits Bernabéu well. The stadium records 2% more public when Madrid plays its games in the morning. Since the new League schedule was introduced in 2011 (first on Sundays at 12:00 and then on Saturdays at 13:00), the Real Madrid Coliseum has hosted 13 meetings at that time with an average of 69,327 spectators, compared to the 67,948 people who go on average when playing in the afternoon-night

Children appreciate this time band. The most attended game was against Osasuna in 2011-12, with 83,000 spectators, although there were no precise data but estimates. Bypassing that duel, the biggest influx of audiences in a morning was the Classic against Barça of 2017-18, which was played, as today against Espanyol, on a Saturday at 1pm. 80,264 witnessed that duel against the eternal rival after Madrid won their second consecutive Club World Cup.

The average attendance at the Bernabéu this course in the League is 63,407 spectators, improving last season, in which the progress of Cristiano Ronaldo and the bad results left the average at 60,645 spectators. In fact, the worst morning entry was on the last day of 2018-19, when the visit of Betis only attracted 49,879 spectators. It is the only appointment in the morning that dropped from 60,000,

This course, the minimums were marked by Leganés and Osasuna On Wednesday nights, they are the only two meetings in which 60,000 have not been reached (53,160 the pickles and 57,520 the Navarrese). The rivals that have attracted the most public are Betis and Granada, which denote a recovery of the Christian effect. Saving the Classic and the derby last season, they are the only two league games that exceeded 70,000 spectators since the Portuguese left.

The bridge, which is high season of tourists in Madrid, will also help the Bernabéu stands to look good. In fact, the only meeting that since 2013-14 has exceeded 80,000 without being a Classic or a derby was with Celta, with 80,300 people, on the bridge in December 2014.

Attendance at the Bernabéu in the League matches generally influence four factors: the opponent, the schedule, the schedule and the situation of the team in the League. Barcelona and Atlético are obviously the most attractive teams. The weekdays and Sunday evening parties - schedules that make it difficult for members to move from outside Madrid - resent the public. The first meetings of the season, with many fans still on vacation, also registered less public influx. On the performance of the team, a fact: seven of the eight games that less spectators have gathered since the 13-14 season were last season. The other, precisely against Espanyol, the last day of that first year of Ancelotti, days before conquering the Tenth.

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