Rubi: "Things were changed and the team has clear ideas"

The Betis coach admits that they are working on some reinforcement in winter. "There was self-criticism and we stopped nonsense," he warns.


Betis coach Rubi went through the microphones of the official television of the club to analyze the moment of his team: "We are optimistic, but we have our feet on the ground. We did not make a preseason in which we took steps forward. The start The League did not help either, the reality is that it has cost a lot. It has cost us a third of the League due to many circumstances. The problem? It was a bit of a shock for the team to ask for concrete things when they were used to dominate the ball so much. "

Best: "The players made self-criticism and we stopped talking nonsense. That does not mean that before we fought in all the games, you could not reproach that. You see the team more orderly and with the clearest ideas. The Celtic duel came, that day we needed to get the game as we could. From there, the team left very good things with some continuity ".

The technician told what happened to change things: "After the duel before the Royal Society, everyone took a step forward, they wanted to go one step further. It is normal that there were doubts about whether we were valid or not because we had trouble starting. I did not I have doubted myself, but I did think that I should find solutions so that we all knew where we were going. If a locker room has not lost confidence in a coach, the best thing will be if he is the one who pulls the team forward ".

Relation to the template: "Each way of training will be different, it is normal. It was difficult for us to reach the players sometimes. Details have been changed now, although now the team trains super well."

Situation of doubt: "I was busy and worried. Betis did not deserve this situation at all, it was delicate. I have already lived a few moments like that and tried to help the players to play quietly. The reality is that the team improved with the step forward of all. If you train at ease, you win games, the fans recognize you, because you are happy and you have to fight to the fullest so that these situations come in. Support? I am nobody to say when there should be a backup or No. We are here to make Betis work, and if it does not, it is normal to ask for the head of the technician ".

Entity: "It is very beautiful despite what we have lived, it has a differential point, especially for that feeling that has been born since. In other places there is not the same passion. Having been here I will take it forever With the fans I have felt very good, I have enjoyed a lot in the stadium ".

Labor: "We try to inherit the good things and try to bring new ones. Sometimes it is difficult for a coach to reach a place that comes from a good period. Now we are going through a good time, all of the above should make us stronger."

Game scheme: "What of the last weeks our intention is to give it some continuity, although some bad result may come. The idea is that Betis is recognizable from the drawing before Valencia and Mallorca. When the players are close to their level, the system is not so important because it varies when the ball begins to roll. "

Fekir: "He is doing a spectacular season. With the new way of playing, he favors these players. By narrowing the field a little, those meters that do not force them to run makes them cooler. Let's see if this moment of the continuity has team ".

Save and Channels: "Guardado started when he could because he arrived later and had more special circumstances. Channels was already like a canyon, although it is very demanding and wants perfection. It has been very well for weeks. Renewed? The club always has to think in the medium term, look for the good of the entity ".

Objective: "It is to fight to be in Europe. The objective must always be the same except for a catharsis situation. When it is necessary to measure it, it is at the end of the season. It is not easy to fight the top positions, there are differences at the budget level with the first five, which leaves one or two places for it. "

Winter market: "All templates can improve, the idea is to help the team with a player who comes to add. We are not for testing."

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