Ronaldo poses with the first team and the ValladoliDI

The first team and the players of the Genuine League team posed with the club president on a very cool morning at the José Zorrilla stadium.

Yesterday, the usual photo of the entire Real Valladolid squad was taken together with the club president, Ronaldo Nazario, with the company for the second year of Real ValladoliDI players, who posed very happy with their idols in an incomparable setting such as the José Zorrilla Stadium

Among the details of this photograph is the absence of El Hacen that belongs to the first team, despite having a back with the subsidiary, as it happens to Salisu and Stiven Plaza, however, if they posed next to the maximum shareholder. If the third goalkeeper, the goal of the subsidiary, Samu.

, was also in that photo

In this way, Ronaldo Nazario is escorted by the two technicians, Sergio González and Dani Rabadán. The players of the Genuine League team were also photographed alone with the president and presumably the first team with the Brazilian and the rest of the technical and medical staff and assistants.

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