Rivaldo: "The decision on the withdrawal of Messi will depend on the 2022 World Cup"

"If he continues to look like a relevant player, if he continues to win titles, he won't consider leaving, but things may change in two-three years," said the Brazilian.

The former player of FC Barcelona Rivaldo believes that Leo Messi "dreams" of being world champion and that he will not seriously think about retiring until after 2022, and noted that if it is still important in Barça it could also lengthen the time to hang up the boots

"Messi dreams of being crowned world champion and also of the Copa América with Argentina, so, to get it, he must continue playing at the highest level, at least until 2022 and depending on the success he has in those two competitions, he should take a decision, "Rivaldo said in statements provided by Betfair, the bookmaker of which ambassador.

The Argentine spoke for the first time of a possible withdrawal this Monday, picking up the sixth Golden Ball of his career. However, despite being 32 years old, no horizon was marked to end his career.

"If you continue to see yourself as a relevant player, if you continue to win titles, you will not consider leaving, but in two or three years things may change. If you lose speed or effectiveness, you may consider leaving, you will not want to be a mere complement in the team, "added Rivaldo.

On the sixth Golden Ball that Messi won, the Brazilian does not understand as disrespectful the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo at the gala. "It is nothing new and even Messi has missed a ceremony in which he was not the winner. He is not disrespectful and we do not even know why he was absent," he relativized.

In addition, he considers that the Portuguese "deserved" to have been above Van Dijk in the vote of the best player award of 2019. "Van Dijk is a great defender, but what makes football so beautiful are the goals, the dribbles , the bright moments of the attackers, "defended the winner of the 1999 Golden Ball.

"In those days the prize was not so mediated. In my case, the guys from France Football just came to Barcelona, they gave me the prize, I made a presentation at the Camp Nou and that's it. Nothing like the gala these years" , recognized

On the other hand, Rivaldo spoke of his compatriot Vinicius and his repeated absences from the Real Madrid calls. "I do not think that Zidane has surrendered with him. Surely it will give him opportunities in the future, so the kid has to be ready when those important moments come to show his virtues," he said.

On the possibility of seeking an assignment in January, Rivaldo was blunt. "Going on loan to another team would be a step back in his career and even potentially damaging in his career. If it were me, he wouldn't," he concluded.

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