Retrospective: this Valencia improves to last season

Valencia will be in the round of last 16 of the Champions League and in LaLiga already fighting for European positions, improving the 2018/19 results.

Valencia is living one of the most disconcerting seasons that are remembered in the capital of Turia in recent years. A context with dubious dyes, full of questions, with a horizon that has never seemed clear since summer, when the controversy between Mateu Alemany and the high spheres of the club broke out, and then, weeks later, triggered a sports storm that even supposed the goodbye of Marcelino García Toral as a technician.

A climate and a scenario that seemed to have moved to the pitch with an irregularity that was soon reflected, too, in the stands in a kind of internal war that ended up benefiting the rivals who visited Mestalla.

However, the regularity, the stability, seem to have been installed again at the sports level and the results have begun to settle in favor of black and white interests, generating again the illusion that they never wanted to doubt.

A season whose perfect visual metaphor would be a roller coaster. A dynamic of ups and downs that has intermingled positive results in imposing scenarios, before competitive teams, with loss of unexpected points in a priori appointments of clear Valencian favoritism. However, there is a sporting reality that leaves the present sports team in a very good place. The sporting difference looking back a year is very important.

VALENCIA 2018/19 AFTER 16 LIGHTWEIGHT DAYS Fourteenth with 19/48 points. 13 goals in favor. 13 goals against. Half goals in favor: 0'8 goals / match. Half goals in against: 0'8 goals / match. The big handicap last season. The lack of goal, the lack of aim, was the worrisome routine to which they were exposed in the first months of the season, leaving the team in a bad place, generating a concern in the stands that, evidently, was translated in the fourteenth ranking position. That situation made looking further down than towards European positions, the great objective. The descent was not a real alert, but objectively the hot spots on the table were closer than the real goal of the European zone.

VALENCIA 2019/20 AFTER 16 LIGHT DAYS Eighth with 26/48 points. 26 goals in favor. 23 goals against. Half goals in favor: 1'6 goals / match. Half goals in against: 1'4 goals / match. because the environment was not the most favorable, the figures are positive. The European zone is a reality, with favorable scoring figures and with results that have gradually been installed in a positive tone so that the fulfillment of the objective of playing next season in Europe is a reality from the first moment. After the farewell of Marcelino, it seems that media fires have been losing weight, the bottle of controversy has been gradually losing gas and stability has finally been installed.

CONCLUSIONS ONE YEAR LATER: Valencia has 7 points currently compared to last season at this point. They have gone from having 19 points to having a total of 26 points in their pocket. The dynamics of results have made the team 6 places ahead of a year ago. From looking with some concern the relegation zone to have 26 points that allow them to rub shoulders with the teams that fight directly for Europe. Their natural and expected habitat. They have overcome the great handicap of the past year. It was one of the most criticized aspects last season. Valencia currently has 13 more goals compared to last year at this point.Perhaps it is the negative point and correct, although at the sports level in the classification does not have too many negative consequences, but this Valencia has conceded 10 more goals with respect to one year. Goals this season have a bigger prize. They have scored more, but they have also fit more. However, despite having worse records when defending and keeping the goal at 0, the fact of having a goal difference of +3 makes the team have positive records. That is, having fitted more does not, for now, represent a negative scenario. Outside the league context is the great difference, the most fervent cause of the happiness of Valencianism. Surely, the biggest achievement over last season. Valencia has sealed its classification and presence in the Eighth Finals of the Champions League after an epic night in Amsterdam that was the icing on a very competitive Group Phase against teams of the world-class Chelsea and Amsterdam Ajax, to which He was added a Lille that deprived Valencia of having 2 more points with his draw in French lands. If a year ago, those on Sweden Avenue were eliminated due to, among other things, being unable to win a team like the Young Boys, they are now officially in their pocket in their presence in the next round.

In general, Valencia 2019/20 improves on last year. Both scorer level and points in the classification, as well as in European territory. If a year ago they watched the descent with some fear, they are now established in the European objective. If a year ago they were eliminated at the first change in the Champions League, they are now among the best 16 teams in the old continent.

Thus, after months of instability, worry and uncertainty, Valencia seems to breathe, finally, the tranquility necessary to face months where the Champions League stop should oxygenate the costumes and the template. The progress of Marcelino and Mateu, with the institutional fire at a lower temperature, in the capital of Turia, the sporting weight at the information level seems to have won the battle to the hot and problematic.

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