Red Bull plays it all at 2020

Verstappen puts the first stone of next season with 153 laps, more than anyone else, in a test led by Bottas.

It is rumored by the paddock that Red Bull cannot wait for the regulatory change of 2021 to carry out the sorpasso and overtake Mercedes. There is hurry, there is not much time left to please the Verstappen clan, and that partly explains the 153 laps that the Dutchman completed on Tuesday at Yas Marina, the equivalent of three full races. He didn't even go for fast laps because the Red Bull challenge is another: to reach Melbourne with an RB16 capable of fighting for the World Cup. He did his best time with the Pirelli C3, while the rest bet on the softer compounds of 2020.

With regard to tires, the ten teams evaluate this week the compounds designed by Pirelli for next season, which did not convince in the first contact shots, in Austin, so it is not ruled out that some teams vote to keep the tires of 2019 one more campaign. From these trainings will come the decision

As for the rest of the activity on the track, the fastest of the day was Bottas with eight tenths of advantage over the Ferrari driven by Vettel and without putting the most appropriate tire to stand out, although the heat of Abu Dhabi does not help. Norris made the fifth best chrome with McLaren and this Wednesday Carlos Sainz closes the season. "There is a lot of work, it's not enough," says Seidl, team leader, as an epilogue to the season that is already ending. Forward

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