Penalty Record

In Real Mallorca matches, 14 penalties have been indicated in 15 days, six in favor and eight against.

The penalty spot is the main protagonist of Real Mallorca matches this season. Anyone who wants to experience the tension of a pitch from eleven meters already knows that he has to witness a game of Mallorca in this league.

Nothing less than 14 penalties have been thrown in 15 games in the games played by the vermilion team and with an almost perfect balance: six in favor and eight against, of course always with the added controversy in some of them, the result of the VAR, or by arbitration decision in which sometimes the criterion has provoked the well-known protests.

All those penalties are concentrated in only 8 games because in some of them two and even three maximum penalties have been indicated.

Mallorca has enjoyed six pitches in favor: the first with a failure and the rest all ended in goal

Abdón failed (threw out) on day 4 against Athletic and subsequently Lago Junior and Salva Sevilla scored Osasuna on day 11, again Lago Junior and Dani Rodríguez scored on day 13 at Villarreal and the specialist Lago Junior beat the Betis on the day 15.

Against, Mallorca has suffered seven goals in the eight pitches received. Aduriz (Queen stopped) in Mallorca-Athletic who finished 0-0 with a failure of each team. He was scored from the fateful point of Mallorca, Parejo for Valencia twice on day 3, Jorge Molina del Getafe on day 5, Lucas Pérez for Alavés on day 7, Unal in Valladolid on day 12, Cazorla for Villarreal in the 13 and the last, Joaquín for Betis in the day 15.

Three penalties were indicated in Mallorca-Villarreal; two in Valencia-Mallorca, in Mallorca-Athletic, in Mallorca-Osasuna and in Mallorca-Betis. And one in the Getafe-Mallorca, Alavés-Mallorca and Valladolid-Mallorca matches. In seven games none was noted, hence the concentration in only eight games.

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