Pau Torres: "Winning Atletico would change things"

The young defender of Villarreal hopes that they can "give a change to the situation and the bad streak" in which they are and admits that they must "improve in defense and without the ball".


The young Villarreal defender, Pau Torres, hopes they can "give a change to the situation and the bad streak" in which they are. Something for which he recognizes that "winning at Atlético would change things a lot", since it would be "to win again at home and against a great Atlético". Torres admits that they must "improve on defense and without the ball," for which they must be "much more aggressive." Regarding the match with Atlético, the yellows expect "a great rival", a team that "has great players and is very strong in defense" .

We have passed page of the defeat to Mestalla:

We're fine, we've already turned the page of the defeat at Mestalla and focused on Friday's game. There are few days left for the game and we are doing a good job, to be able to make a great game and face our people.

Two teams in a losing streak:

Atlético is not bad at all, it is a great team and has great players, so they are dangerous and can win any game. They may be missing some goal now, but they have great strikers.

Missing goal:

If Atlético don't have a goal having international strikers all of them, I don't know which team can have a goal. As I said, they are great strikers and we must be very focused throughout the game.

More match control:

The other day we dominated the game quite a bit, but in two lapses we left. They generated us more in the first and marked us in the second, it is something that we must improve and work so that it does not happen.

Improve in defense:

We must improve the whole team in defense and I think we will improve, we must be strong at home and recover the line of good results. We have conceded a lot of goals, many in a standing ball and it is something that we must work and improve. We have a lot of room for improvement and we must leave the goal to zero more games.

Now I am learning more:

Now I am learning more, since you look more at errors, both collective and individual. We are working hard to correct those mistakes and it is something that makes you learn.

In Mestalla we had good times:

In Mestalla we had the feeling that we were better, that we submitted the rival. We had possession and that makes us more solid, it makes us have more chances.

We need to win now:

We need to win a game now, we know that a victory like Atlético would give us a lot of strength and change the dynamics we are in. It is an important game, with a great rival and that is a good option.

Return to National Team:

I must work at Villarreal, that is what makes the coach look, but the basis is that the team is as high as possible so that it can be fixed.

Grateful to Robert Moreno:

I thank Robert for making me debut and for trusting me, but now the key is to do things right at Villarreal, we must recover the victories and recover the level of the team.

Morata and Atlético:

Morata is a great striker, a top-level striker, that any occasion he has gets it. And they are a good team, very strong in defense and very dangerous with spaces.

We must improve without the ball:

We know that we must improve without the ball, we must be more aggressive and that the opponent does not reach our area so easily.

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