Óscar: "Everything that reinforces the team will be welcome"

The Celtic coach has not yet transmitted his requests to the club, but does not hide that he expects signings. Rubén was discharged and entered the call.

When an alignment is working, should we touch it as little as possible or is it always good to move something?

I think you always have to move something. I want the team to have a very high level of demand and that everyone feels important. When things are going well it is the first step to keep improving. I am never completely satisfied.

The other day he ended up very satisfied with the contribution coming from the bench of Toro Fernández, Rafinha and Beltrán. Can you open the doors of eleven?

That shows me that we are doing well with the squad and everyone who comes out wants to prove that the coach was wrong not putting it from the beginning. We set up a game at 95 minutes, knowing that players who come out of soda in the second half can be more decisive than those who play from the beginning.

What position do you see Rafinha playing in?

He is a bit like Denis, he can play in several positions. That favors them. I know Rafinha perfectly because I had him in the youth of Barcelona and there I used him a lot of false nine. Here is a little different because we have many strikers.

Can Rafinha and Denis play together?

All good players can play together. It is up to the coach to adapt them to remove the maximum performance. The same goes for Brais and Denis or Iago, Santi Mina, Rafinha and Pione.

Is Santi Mina affected by being news in recent days due to an extra-sports issue?

It is the week that has best trained. If it has affected you, it has been for good.

After the arrival of Javier Aguirre the Leganés is facing all the rivals ...

It is a team that is competing very well. He has had complicated games and has lost them by the minimum, giving a very good image. We know what we are going to find. I imagine a very physical match. We have to go there with the highest demand. I want a team that has personality with the ball and is very intense when I don't have it.

Would you be satisfied if the team were out of the relegation places at the end of the first lap?

I ask players not to look at the classification. It is still too early to worry in that regard. I want the team to play with courage and feel strong. We will start the classification in the last ten days. The players have to take away that stress. What happened here last season we have to take advantage of in positive. Players already know what they don't want to go through. We have time to change that situation. Against Valladolid there were players who accused the pressure of taking a long time without winning two games in a row.

Do you consider it necessary to sign in January?

There is still time and I have to finish knowing the players perfectly. Logically, everything that reinforces the team will be welcome. We have not discussed this issue with the club.

How do you see Okay Yokuslu?

I've talked to him and he knows what he has to do to play more. I was very clear with him and he understood perfectly. It has the same options as playing any other.

Call: Sergio Álvarez, Hugo Mallo, Costas, Araujo, Okay, Denis Suárez, Fran Beltrán, Iago Aspas, Sisto, Rafinha, Rubén Blanco, Lobotka, Olaza, Aidoo, Gabriel Fernández, Kevin, Santi Mina, Brais Méndez, Pape Cheikh, Iago Dominguez.

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