Only Ormaetxea surpasses Imanol in average points

The Oriotarra has an average of 1.62 points per game, while the technical league champion would have 1.7 with the current scoring system.

The data support the work of de Imanol Alguacil at the helm of the Royal Society. Because in the 45 games he has directed to the first San Sebastian team, he already exceeds all the coaches who have preceded him in the position in average points per game ... less the coach who made the League champion twice to the Txuri entity -urdin. The statement speaks for itself, and reflects the great work of the Oriotarra technician at the head of the Royal Society. At least until now.

Only Alberto Ormaetxea exceeds the records achieved so far by Imanol. Because if we apply the current scoring system to the time when Real Sociedad won its two league titles, the two-time realistic team coach would now have an average of 1.7 points per game, something that no other coach has achieved in the history of the realistic club leading the first team a minimum of ten official matches. The other coach who reached such a generous statistic was precisely the last one that led Real to fight to win his third league: the Frenchman Raynald Denoueix.

The 'druid', so well known in San Sebastian, managed in two seasons at the head of the Txuri-Urdin team an average of 1.54 points per game, something that has a lot of value considering that the French directed the San Sebastian team in the Champions League coming to pass the group stage. This good fact of the coach of the last historic runner-up is overcome by Imanol Alguacil, who in his 45 games in front of the Real in two stages, the last since January of this year, has added 73 points to the Real, which means an average of 1.62 points per game, very close to that of the mythical Ormaetxea, and that exceeds the data of Denueix with solvency. If cotton does not cheat, the data does not either, so Imanol's work must enjoy a very good assessment, because that is allowing him to have Real in December in Champions League positions.

The peculiar case of Roberto Olabe

In this game of half points of the Real's coaches there is a peculiar case that is worth commenting on. This is the case of Roberto Olabe, the current Soccer Director of the San Sebastian club. The Vitorian led the first realistic team the last nine games of the 2001-02 season, in which he miraculously saved them from relegation to Second. In those nine games, the Real won with Olabe five and drew two, adding the impressive figure of 17 of 27 possible points, which makes his statistic the best of a coach in the Real, reaching an average of 1.8 points per match. What happens that Eda impressive dynamics did not have continuity in time, because he did not continue to be coach of the Real, but the following year he became sports director.

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