No one can with Doncic: 33 + 18 + 5, nth exhibition and victory

Doncic returns to incredible numbers despite not playing in the last quarter and gets his record in rebounds. The Mavs are on the heels of the Nuggets.


Neither the victory against the Lakers in the Staples beating LeBron nor the best player award of the month. Luka Doncic does not slow down. The Slovenian wants more and demonstrates it every night, being at this point of the legitimate candidate season and in its own right to the MVP and surpassing each meeting. This time, his victim was the Pelicans, which he rolled in less than 28 minutes of play and without jumping on the track in the last quarter. One more day in the office for Slovenian, which is becoming one of the sensations of the 2019-20 basketball course and that seems to have no roof.

After the last results of the Mavericks (seven victories in the last eight games) the visit to a city like New Orleans to face the Pelicans did not seem to have a great mystery for those of Carlisle. Any game away from home is dangerous, but Texans came to the event as the third best team in the competition away from their track (7-2, now 8-2, just behind Bucks and Lakers) and with great feelings that They invited optimism. Anyone would say that with a smaller rival (fifth worst NBA record tied with the Grizzlies), Doncic would take a break and play more calmly, but it didn't. In fact, the one who gave him the respite was his technician leaving him on the bench in the last room next to Porzingis. The intention increased the advantage and the role of the stars was not necessary. Carlisle, an intelligent and tanned man in a thousand battles, knows that this is very long and that you have to get fresh in the end, so resting your best tricks is a movement that can give you long-term benefit.

The Pelicans held on until halftime and still arrived alive in the last quarter, but the second visiting unit resolved, another good sign that the Mavs have arguments beyond Luka. The former Lakers, who are still waiting for a Zion that still has no return date, curdled a great first quarter (24-24) and came to command in the second before their rivals gave the stretch and escaped in the luminous , yes, by little (53-59). The team trained by Alvin Gentry was supported by an Ingram who was once again the best of his (24 + 5 + 6 + 3), but who was too alone beyond Holiday (18 + 4 + 4) and a Hart ( 11) intermittent. Lonzo Ball, who returned to play against the Thunder, still does not start at all and stayed at 6 + 6 + 3.

The Mavs increased their lead in the third quarter, when they were solid defensively leaving the Pelicans in 22 points. At the conclusion of the same Doncic already added 33 points, 18 rebounds and 5 assists. All this in less than 28 minutes of play. His rebounding figure is his personal record and he could well have made the first 30 + 20 of his career if it wasn't because he didn't play again for a minute. The intention was to return to Porzingis (7 + 6, shy performance) but the visitors were gradually increasing their advantage and the presence of Slovenian seemed unnecessary. The last quarter was the best for Carlisle, who left a team without ideas in attack in another 22 points (44 in the entire second half) scoring 34. A great demonstration of power that gave them a new victory.

Luka follows his own. He launched with 50% in field shots (9 of 18) and more than 40 in triples (5 of 12). He averages 30.7 points, the first player of 20 years or less to get those numbers in the first 20 games of the season since LeBron James in 2005-06. His team made a +16 with him on the track and had arguments when he rested thanks to the 19 goals of Seth Curry, the 12th of Tim Hardaway Jr. and the intangibles of Dorian Finney-Smith. Good minutes of Barea (8 + 6) for a team that continues to improve and in which all the players who played some minute scored. The roof of the team seems far away and the victory together with the defeat of the Nuggets brings them closer to a third place that they now have a stone's throw away: 14-6 record, 70% of victories. Third duel won consecutively and eighth of the last nine played for one of the best teams in the NBA. And Doncic? There are few adjectives left to describe you. Few headlines to give to their exhibits. Almost all have already been used. The sky is the limit for a man who keeps flying.

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