Miami doesn't stop the Lakers either: 13 straight away!

First defeat of the Heat in their field before Lakers that already have 13 consecutive victories far from Los Angeles, their second best streak ever.


In Miami the Lakers started a four-game tour of the East and in Miami things continued as they began for visitors. Winning away from home, something that stopped being news a long time ago. It is the 13th consecutive victory away from the Staples Center, which makes it the second best streak in franchise history. The previous one was 16 games in the 71-72 season and that year the Lakers took the ring. For whom it did change, it was for the locals. The Heat came to this game undefeated on their court, an honor they only shared with the Sixers, but the good streak came here. He had to visit them, yes, the best team in the League with the Bucks. Both look 23-3 in the standings touching 90% of victories. One pass.

The Heat came out determined to maintain their unbeatability, squeezing the rival with that choral game that so many joys are giving him so far. Up to seven players came to the game averaging more than 11 points, including Kendrick Nunn, who left one of the games of the match in the first quarter with an impressive mate in the face of JaVale McGee. The rookie was again the best of his team (16 points and 7 assists), but this time it was the substitutes who scored the most differences. Especially with Herro, Olynyk and Silva, with whom the Florida team achieved its broadest advantage in the middle of the second period, reaching almost 15 points up. In the last minutes before the break the visitors fixed it a bit and the game went to locker room 8 above for the Heat (59-51) .

The second half was a very different story. The Lakers began to do what they know best: defend. Especially with an Anthony Davis who continues adding performances that put him among the favorites in the race to the Defender of the Year. Taking advantage that in front there was no clear reference inside, the pivot closed the area and from there he dedicated himself to crushing the opponent under the opposite ring. He finished as top scorer of the game with 30 points, to which he added 10 rebounds and 3 blocks. In those minutes it seemed that the game could end there. Between him and LeBron (28 + 9 + 12) they left no respite for the locals.

The King would say that he was especially motivated on his return to the city that gave him everything, except because it is his natural state this season. Play where you play. Before starting the match, he merged into a sincere hug with Chris Bosh, who watched the game in the front row. LeBron never disappoints his former fans, even if it means suffering in your own flesh. But the Heat are a team with play and pride, and pulling a little of the one and the other a little of the other managed to stay in the match. Jimmy Butler, beyond his way of being and being in the locker room, when the ball is put into play is a man that anyone would want in his team. Especially when things get difficult, because they never hide. Tonight (23 + 3 + 3 + 4) he tried by all means that the victory did not leave Miami. Too bad they were in front of the two monsters to star in two plays that were like the nails of the coffin.

First LeBron with an assist for Davis on a pass with a simple touch of the hand when the ball returned from an attack rebound. A play that reminded of a famous Magic assists in the 80s. Then Davis with a monumental triple with 1 minute left to bury local hopes. They kept fighting him and even Butler had a shot to force the extension, but he was already seen for sentencing. The Lakers now visit Atlanta before two really difficult starts. First in Indianapolis before some upward Pacers and then in Milwaukee, in which it is now the match of the parties. We will have to wait a week for that. And a week in the NBA is a long time.

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